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  • Vegsource is a public on-line forum for military homeschooling families.

  • NHEN provides links and information for military homeschooling families stationed all over the world.

  • FISH is "a Christian-based Home schooling group..." located in Okinawa.

  • Okinawa Christian Home Educators Association (OCHEA)
    PSC 80 Box 17288, FPO AP 96379-1902
    This group is for military and civilian families living in Okinawa, Japan.

  • International Distance Education of Alaska " is the home schooling / correspondence program of the International IDEA Foundation, serving the needs of military families throughout the Pacific Rim." This is more of a correspondence school than a homeschooling support group; its mission is "to provide resources and support to military parents who have elected to educate their children in the home."

  • The Military Homeschooler: "Military homeschoolers are a subset of two subsets. As military family members we walk like Americans, we talk like Americans but, despite having American citizenship and, for the most part, having been raised as Americans, we're not your run of the mill citizen. As homeschoolers we join support groups, we gather materials, and we are as diverse as the rest of the homeschooling community, but we're almost perennially strangers in a strange land."

  • Kanto Plains Home Schoolers "Homeschool support group for persons in the Yokosuka, Negishi and Ikego areas"




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