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A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling Web Site

This site gets my vote for most awesome homeschooling site on the web. Be sure to scroll down for the Kids' Links; or simply browse through the A to Z links at the top and see what you can find - but be warned, make sure you have plenty of time!

Home Education Magazine

A great resource. I highly recommend a subscription to the printed version of this magazine. (They will deliver to Japan.)


Find out about Unschooling

Moore Foundation

World Pioneers of the Homeschool Movement

National Home Education Network

Many interesting articles, including For Dads by Dads ; very interesting to hear about homeschooling from the dads' point of view. Also has the National Home Education Network Military Site, which has useful information and networking for military homeschoolers.

Homeschool 9-1-1

A directory of homeschooling sites


National Home Education Research Institute


Educational Policy Analysis Archives. Scholastic Acheivement and Demographic Characteristics of Home School Students in 1998



Homeschool World. From the publishers of Practical Homeschooling magazine

Growing Without Schooling


Founded by John Holt in 1977. The first homeschooling magazine in the US, catalogue and sample issues

Learn in Freedom


Karl Bunday's site, which contains many articles on his learning philosophy: "learning in freedom, taking responsibility for your own learning".



Library Spot

Includes a reference desk as well as extensive links to a variety of libraries

Classical Archives

A great classical music reference. This is a subscription service that will let you access up to five files a day if you don't join, unlimited access if you do join. They have a huge selection of songs you can listen to, as well as musicians' biographies.

The Mad Scientist Network

"MadSci Network represents a collective cranium of scientists providing answers to your questions. For good measure we provide a variety of oddities and other ends as well. "

4Kids Treehouse

Includes Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Study Resources plus Playroom and Entertainment

Clonclara Homeschool


Home Based Education Program--a full curriculum, catalogue and description in Japanese available

Busy Teachers WebSite K-12

All subjects covered here


Foreign Buyer's Club has a teacher/parent resource catalogue for 390 yen


Interesting site for learnng about inventing!

InventorEd K-12

Here are the kid's instructions for "inventing"!

Math Kalusa

For advanced math tutorials; see demo on site

Design a Study

For unit studies in assorted subjects

Oak Meadow School


Providing curriculum materials that encourage natural wonder and the joy of learning


Good to supplement standard curricula layouts--like a mannequin for CPR training

Fun Books.com

Lives up to its name! and they deliver to Japan.

Power Glide Spanish

A foreign language program

Moving with Math

Math materials using manipulatives from pre-kindergarten to pre-algebra

Greathall Productions

Award Winning Storytelling for Children


Money saving offers on educational toys and other products

Art Studio Chalkboard

For the more serious artist, this site offers traditional art lessons on perspective, shading, painting and even figure drawing

TOPS Science .org

Comes highly recommended from our household. For years, my son thought homeschooling was doing science experiments. Lucky I found these guys and was never short of ideas again. Because they use ordinary household items in their experiments, and not hard-to-find special resources, their experiments make science come alive, as a part of everyday real life. And they deliver to Japan!!


Links to Japanese Sites

Homeschool Family. A Chiba homeschooling family's website

School in the House Another homeschooling family's personal site.

Pinocchio - a Japanese unschooling site.


Church and Home Educators Association Japan



Homeschooling Book of Answers (in Japanese) A translation of Linda Dobson's book into Japanese, available for sale at Kinokuniya's website

Growing Without Schooling, articles translated into Japanese.


THN - Tokyo Homeschooling Network

HSN - Homeschooling Net Himeji Tomiko Kugai, who wrote the "Homeschooling Q & A" maintains this site.


Home School Support Association of Japan (Japanese Only)


Homeschool Net Renkon (Chiba)


Zero-net's unschooling guide book



Our Members' Blogs



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