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What do you want to know about JAPAN?

On this page, we'll list some of our favorite Japan links, so if you have some you'd like to share, be sure to send them to Angela. I especially welcome your additions to " interesting places to visit " because it would be great to hear about places you have been to personally.

General reference

Visitor Info

Interesting places to visit

Japanese history

Japanese culture



Just for kids


Japan Information Network has information on just about every aspect of Japan

Schauwecker's Guide to Japan - loads of useful information's Japan for Visitors

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Outdoor Japan - live webcams and more

Hometown Homepage Japan

the qUirKY jaPan HomEPage - promises to tell you how to get off the beaten path!

The Japanese Ryokan Association - for a real Japanese experience while you are visiting.

Ditto for the Minshuku Association - and fairly reasonable room rates

A page of FAQs for Japan

A list of national parks in Japan and a map showing national parks with links to a brief description of each

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Kyoto needs no introduction, I'm sure!

"Don't say kekko (enough) until you've been to Nikko " (so the saying goes). Here are some more photos of the Toshogu Shrine so you can see why.

Another Japanese saying is "one who never climbs Mount Fuji is a fool, and one who climbs twice is twice the fool." Climb it once yourself and find out why!

Hakone is a great little hot springs town, boasting not only wonderful views of Mt. Fuji, but also is a place of stunning natural beauty and interesting culture. My son's favorite place there is Oowakudani, where he can enjoy their fabulous black eggs (boiled in hot springs water)!

Kamakura is a beautiful seaside town, most famous for its Daitbutsu (Great Buddha) and other cultural attractions, but with abundant hiking trails as well.

See the snow monkeys at Jigokudani Yaenkoen National Park - and if you can't make it there in person, check out the live web camera !

Akiyoshido Cave, the largest complex of caves in Japan, is located near Yamaguchi - and that alone is worth the visit - but there is so much more to see in this historical town.

Unzen National Park is the location of our most active volcano in Nagasaki Prefecture, and is well worth a visit if you find yourself in this area. This site has a good collection of photos, but you'll need Japanese on your computer to read it. The English language guide to Japanese National Parks has this brief introduction .

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National Museum of Japanese History's Timeline

Another Timeline of Japanese History

A Chronology of Japanese History , including Japanese era names's History of Japan

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Folktales of Japan from Kid's web

Traditional Japanese Music from Kid's web

Anime Checklist: "The objective of Anime Check-list is to provide a list as much complete as possible of all existing anime (Japanese animated figures) produced in Japan since 1917. It's a huge database where every anime can be searched using several criteria..."

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Japanese Name Translation is a really fun site for all of you who want to learn how to write your name in Katakana; there are also hiragana and katakana writing tutors, and much more.

University of Oregon's Yamada Language Center has a great collection of links to online dictionaries, writing tutorials, language history and more!

Japanese Language Learning Tools on the Web (some of the links will require you to have Japanese on your computer)

Lots more links at Jim Breen's Japanese Page

Some resources for kana charts and pronunciation:

Japan Book Plaza in Australia will ship anywhere.  In addition to their online catalog, they have a good print catalog which they will send.  Charts and posters are under "Other Resources" at the top right.

Or print out some charts for free and look and listen online.

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Tokyo food page - recipes, restaurants and more!

Kid's web's Japanese food page - recipes for kids

Bob and Angie's Japanese recipes in English and in Japanese

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Kids Web Japan has many interesting pages on all aspects of life in Japan from a kid's point of view

(...and for their parents!) Tokyo with Kids has all kinds of useful information for families

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