A Report of Press Conference of "Ponyo"

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Excuse: These English sentences are temporary translations, not read easily still very much. I want to revision them neatly some day. Thanks.

The finished announcement preview and the finished report association of the latest work animated cartoon movie "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea" of the Studio Ghibli were held in Grand Hyatt Tokyo in Tokyo and Roppongi on July 7, 2008. The Toshio Suzuki producer attended the report association, and the report and the question and answer of "Ponyo" completion were done. The journalist to the report association and cameraman's people present were about almost 120 people.

Though "Ponyo" is completed according to producer Suzuki on June 23, and the adult spoke very highly, because the child's reaction was a little undesirable, the Hayao Miyazaki supervisor says that he or she has held uneasiness disclose. Of course, variously to worry eternal before it discloses. It is said that the supervisor will also go with an advertising campaign to turn round the whole country aiming to wipe out unnecessary worry. The destination of the visit for the campaign was said, "It wanted children to enjoy it" and "I want to do the festival with Ponyo" and appealed considering a supervisor healthy side though narrowed.

Moreover, the exhibition to International Film Festival has already been decided to "Ponyo", too and it is said that the overseas deployment will work around North America.

Grand Hyatt Tokyo Hotel
Take a picture..July..same.  

Finished report association  hall

Appearance of finished report association

Producer Suzuki who reports

To the question and answer end   taking a picture time

Taking a picture time

Producer Suzuki

Appearance of lobby after it ends

The outline of the content of the report was roughly as follows.

* The "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea" was completed on June 23, 2008, and the 0th preview was done on the afternoon of the same day. It was especially unquestionable this time though some problems were found in the 0th preview usually.
* The first title preview by the Ghibli staff is done on June 25, the preview to parties concerned is done on the 27th, and, at present, the reputation is good.
* However, the event by one occurred when it gave a preview the first title. Though Nara Yuzyuzai that took charge of the voice of Hiroshicagaya Doi and Ponyo that takes charge of the voice of Shuucai was seen, two people were a little restless, and the supervisor (Is not the child pleased?) says that he or she got depressed.
* Afterwards, when the child's reaction is a little undesirable, the supervisor who paves it says that it got depressed further though the preview in which staff's family also participated was done. It is said that it was said, "Was it a miss though made for the child?"
* However, every day is every day not settled until eternal worry and there is no other way up to the movie disclosing, and being actually disclosed.
* The adult who had seen the preview spoke very highly. It wanted to import feelings to Fgemot, to have the person and the child in the TV station that was the cry, and to have spoken very highly by all adults such as the people in the becoming it agency.
* The reaction of the child who saw "Ponyo" through Producer's daughter is understood anxiously though it is a reaction of the child. It is said that children were reacting very much by the scene where Ponyo becomes man from the fish. It is not understood whether the supervisor is relieved though these supervisors also think that it tells it.
* ..physical strength... become 67 years old the age by the supervisor, and undertake coverage positively
* It is said that the supervisor comes to commute to the massage, and "Ponyo" was made while receiving the massage as many as three times during the week. I hear that however, there was comparatively room at time now.
* Then, the producer thought that he or she participated in an advertising campaign of "Ponyo" for the supervisor.
* However, supervisor's madam worries about the physical strength side of the supervisor.
* The face is said that it is serious as a family selling moreover (supervisor). Though it entered Mr. broiled meat shop in the family at the time of the Howl screening, there were being not able meal by other guests (To the Miyazaki supervisor) noticing and becoming a signature battle and. (The face's selling further because of the campaign :. )When it worries.
* Here, supervisor's physical condition is considered, and the producer : though he or she is not an old scale. About four cities (Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya, and Sapporo) were thought that the supervisor participated, and understanding was requested from the madam. When you may understand the guest's reaction if it is not thought that worry may grow stronger even if Hima cannot be managed, and goes out to the campaign. The talk was settled in this direction.
* Anyway, "Ponyo" is a work that it wants children to enjoy it, and it strongly wishes it.

There was a question and answer after the report of the producer. The outline was roughly as follows.

Q. - What is having thought while producing though "Ponyo" is called a movie for children?
A. - Despairing to the child cannot talk, should talk about hope, and has come near to an adult too much though thought about the story hard as for the Howl (The aspect :). Then, the following started making a work tidy for the child.

Q. - Do please when completing it though the producer said that he or she will make "Ponyo" the highest masterpiece before?
A. - (After a little silence. )(Even the 0th preview from which various problems were spoken : usually) Though it was easy as the word * There was no problem. It is a masterpiece. After "Nausicaa", it is the first time to use such a word. The supervisor was very pleased, too.

Q. - Was the Miyazaki work what desire puts in the sea by you and drawn in the scene that flew over the sky though was acknowledged?
A. - It is an expression of "Fire" and "Water" that it is difficult in animation. It challenged by the Calcifer as "Fire" in the Howl, and it was a success. (The flame of the Calcifer is said that the supervisor drew everything. )Then, the following were turns of "Sea (Wednesday)". The scenery that had been seen at that time became the origin of this "Ponyo" though it went to the Inland Sea by the supervisor and the staff at the Howl first day in autumn of 2004.

Q. - What is the place where it means this message though this copy is "You may be born"?
A. - It is the state as it is. Though in "Ponyo", there is a scene launched out to sea so that night may dawn after the tidal wave and Shuucai may look for mother, then, there is a scene that meets the woman who holds the baby. It smiled in Ponyo's having comforted it though the baby was very ill-humored. This scene is strangely long.
Mr. Jo Hisaishi said, "This baby might not think that it had only had to be born". The supervisor answered, "It was it", and this was related to the copy. I thought that it was able to appeal by saying opposite to "It only had not to be born" an age today. (You may ..".. meet. It was finally ..".. ..".. good though there was an idea, too ..the birth... It became". )

Q. - The sea is a stage this time, and CG is not used and all Teega coming is drawn. How did you make it?
A. - "It is this picture" and "It is this" are found while drawing the image board. "Totoro" was also so and even the Howl was so. This time, it was a picture of Ponyo to get on Mizuo. The life stays in the wave. I wanted to do "The sea is a living thing" this.
Moreover, the supervisor often sees old animation in the 1930's. It is said that "Move it more than the necessity"'s is interesting. It has moved extra in old times and adrenaline goes out though only the minimum requirement is moved now. This time, I wanted to do it. It might be interesting if it moves it more than thinking. Everything moves slightly in a so-called animated cartoon this time though there is often a mouth snarfing. To come, Teega became it by all means to do it. (The place in which it doesn't move doesn't move in case of CG. )

Q. - Were there concrete examples (model) in Risa and Grammammarre though "Ponyo" became mother and child's stories?
A. - This time, Risa calls me "Risa" in Shuucai. It is different what whether to call mother (Is it made to call?) according to the age. There was an age of mammy, was an age of mother, and there was an age of mama, too. How will it become it in the future?Risa admits one character in the child of five years (Therefore, it makes calling me Risa). The character of Risa should be Sapparied.
This depends though it is Grammammarre on having received impression to the picture of Mirei. The supervisor went to see "Ophelia" of Mirei that Soseki Natsume received the culture shock to Britain, and received impression. This became a motif.

Q. - Do about love of Ponyo and Shuucai?Do about the love between parent and child?
A. - It envies it. I like 100% momentarily by meeting. It is unquestioned. (Love drawn with the Miyazaki work :. )It bargains of saying at the people and it doesn't calculate. It envies it.
The mother-child relationship is also the same. It bargains and it doesn't calculate. The supervisor became like recent "Became year when leading was counted until dying". If I die, it will meet the one's deceased mother again. Is it good if how it says at that time?ƁB(According to the feeling of the producer. )I thought that this had gone out to "Ponyo". Does not Mr. Toki be a model supervisor's mother, and exist in the Toki because diving Shuucai is his supervisor?

Q. - Does the exhibition to International Film Festival : the overseas deployment?
A. - I want to make efforts to North America about the overseas deployment this time. Whether it is evaluated in the United States very or not?(It is unexpected that the child calls mother's name by the first name in the United States. Moreover, parents' taking the responsibility for the child in the United States : because it is natural. It is assumed that the scene of which Risa leaves Shuucai at rough night and it goes out is unexpected. )
It is not possible to say in detail yet now though it decides by one about International Film Festival because it is a matter that the film festival side announces.

Taking a picture was done after the question and answer, and it exceeded to the time of the schedule for about 20 minutes and it ended.

(Photographed on July 7, 2008)

The good sense of Ghibli fan is asked.
- The fan that can boast to the world is suitable for the Ghibli work that can boast to the world. -

Though the episode of having encountered the signature blame when the Miyazaki supervisor dines forth in the family was revealed in the report association, here was the most anxious personally place.

It is a problem that should be worried to force the load even on the family to say nothing of the supervisor. It is a violation of the rule that pleads for the signature at any rate even at private time of the supervisor if it pleads for the signature at an advertising campaign. You won't step however even at private time of the supervisor and enter though are a word famous tax.

A similar event doesn't have the leave in the enumeration. The fault of Jocama commotion Japanese society that sets it up has gone out when the celebrity is seen. In short, the people degree is not mature. The Miyazaki supervisor of low people degree is sacrificed. This situation should manage to be done.

Ghibli thinks hesitating to say it is not necessary to plead for the signature on the standpoint. Because the mass communication is "The customer is a god", the argument to preach to the general public will not be put easily. Consciousness we individual should still be necessary, and it be shown in the attitude to improving the people degree.

When the scene even if the celebrity is seen somewhere is private, dare wisdom. It is necessary to admonish when it is such a scene and there is an autograph hunter. It doesn't limit to the signature, the Ghibli fan wants to take the lead, to demonstrate the good sense, to improve the people degree, and to aim at the achievement of a maturer society.

The work of the first class is supported by the fan of the first class and:First class of Hon of this. I think that the fan that can boast to the world by the good sense having is suitable for the Ghibli work that can boast to the world.

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