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Basic Data 2008/07/10

Main Characters 2008/07/10

Synopsis 2008/07/10

Basic Data

Main Staff

Hayao Miyazaki
Hayao Miyazaki
Toshio Suzuki
Supervising Animator Katsuya Kondo
Art Directors
Noboru Yoshida
Color Designer
Michiyo Yasuda
Image production
Takashi Okui
Takeshi Seyama
Audio Director
Eriko Kimura
Shuji Inoue
Mixing Supervisor
Shuji Inoue
Koji Kasamatsu
Jo Hisaishi
Theme Song Performance

Naoya Fujimaki, Nozomi Ohashi and
Takaaki Fujioka
Studio Ghibli

Voice Actor

Ponyo Yuria Nara
Sosuke Hiroki Doi
Risa(Sosuke's mother) Tomoko Yamaguchi
Fujimoto(Ponyo's father) George Tokoro
Guranmanmare(Ponyo's mother) Yuki Amami
Koichi(Sosuke's father) Kazushige Nagashima
Yoshie Tomoko Naraoka
Toki Kazuko Yoshiyuki
Woman Rumi Hiiragi
Ponyo's sister Akiko Yano

Released by TOHO
Special Support: Asahi Soft Drinks Co.Ltd
Special Cooperation: Lawson, Yomiuri Shinbun Newspaper Co.Ltd


Running time: 101 min.

Released in Japan: July 19, 2008

Main Characters

She is a hero of this story. She is a fish. She was born between Guranmanmares who Fujimoto and were mothers who were fathers. She can conjure as well as father. Leaving home was dared one day though she was brought up to Fujimoto at the bottom of the sea. And, she approaches the world where man lives. However, she is captured by the dragnet of the fishing boat. In addition, she is blocked in the glass bottle, and falls into the state immediately before suffocation. When the glass bottle was divided, the helped Sosuke injured her to Sosuke in the state. Ponyo licked the blood of Sosuke. She obtains the ability to become man by licking man's blood.
She strongly hoped oneself became man. She escaped to the Fujimoto again once though it was captured by her. Toki and she liberate the power of the magic that father was saving, and cause the extraordinary natural phenomenon. To solve abnormal weather, Ponyo had to become complete man. To achieve it, Sosuke had to become the guarantee for fidelity of Ponyo. He agreed to it. Finally, help of the Guranmanmare was given, too and Ponyo was able to become finally true man.
He is a boy of five years. His father is a Koichi, and his mother is a Risa. As for them, the head of a cliff lives in the built solitary house. Sosuke discovers Ponyo blocked in the glass bottle one day. And, she was rescued. When the glass bottle was divided, he was injured to the hand. Ponyo licked the blood though he bled. The injury of his finger has recovered at once. It is because Ponyo conjured.
He put Ponyo in the bucket, and brought it to his kindergarten. Ponyo has been kidnapped by the Fujimoto immediately after that. He was very disappointed.
He meets Ponyo became a human later. He understood she was a Ponyo at once. It was declared that he accepted Ponyo to be a fish, and liked it by her.
His intention declaration contributed to the solution of making Ponyo man, and the extraordinary natural phenomenon. Producer Suzuki said, "It is power of 100% pure love".
She is mother of Sosuke. And, she is a wife of the Koichi. She is serving as the staff of "Himawari-no-ie" that is a day-care center.
She is having his son call himself "Risa". This is an exception in the society in Japan. She might be giving an extremely progressive education to her son. She can adjust also to the change in a rapid environment. She accepted calmly though it turned out that Ponyo was a fish. She has talked usually up to now with the Guranmanmare that is sure not to have met. She married the Koichi without reliance. It is a mystery.
He is father of Ponyo. He was man before. Because he had intensely disliked manning, it was abandoned that it was voluntarily man. And, he lives at the bottom of the sea. However, his appearance is a man very thing. He takes the vehicle named Ubazamegou in the sea. He can conjure. His magic has been succeeded also by Ponyo who is his daughter.
His wife is a person that should be called It is a Guranmanmare. Guranmanmare a god in the sea. As for them, whether it marries really is uncertain. Finally, he admitted his daughter to become genuine man.
She is mother of Ponyo. Perhaps, she is not fish. She is no man either. She is person that should be called mother in the sea. Her feature is uncertain, too. Crew are worshiping the Guranmanmare as a god in the sea.
He is father of the Sosuke. He is a captain of the freighter, and staying away all the year round, and returning to home is rare. Therefore, he is leaving the care of the Sosuke to his wife's Risa.
At first, the Koichi was a setting "Miserable husband". However, Kazusige Nagashima who is a former professional baseball player will take charge of the voice of the Koichi. He is a son of Shigeo Nagashima who is the most famous professional baseball player in Japan. Hayao Miyazaki supervisor judged that his voice was very reliable. Therefore, the character of the Koichi will be changed.
However, the Koichi seems to have been "Husband who did not have reliance after all. "
She is a woman in a day-care center "Himawari-no-ie". Because her lower body is handicapped, it always takes the wheelchair. She came to be able to run freely at the end.
She is a woman in a day-care center"Himawari-no-ie", too. Her character is very obstinate. She disliked Ponyo very much. However, in the last stage of the story, she accomplished the duty that held the Ponyo and the Sosuke.
According to producer Suzuki, he is guessing that the Toki is a representation of Miyazaki supervisor's mother. In that case, he is guessing that the Sosuke is a Miyazaki supervisor. She might unexpectedly bear the key role in this story.
She has one baby. She met the Sosuke and the Ponyo a stormy next morning. It seems that she is younger than the Risa, but her atmosphere is very antique.
According to producer Suzuki, Her and her baby was a person indispensable to do the preparation where the Ponyo was effective in human's world.
Younger sisters of Ponyo
They are younger sisters of Ponyo. They cannot use the word still well. They support Ponyo who is the elder sister hard.


Sosuke is a boy of five years who lives in head of a cliff's solitary house. Sosuke meets Ponyo to which it left home riding on the medusa one day. Ponyo is fish's child. She had been confined in the jam jar. Sosuke saved her crisis. Ponyo came ..Sosuke.. to like it. Sosuke came to like Ponyo, too. He said to Ponyo, "I defend you".
However, Ponyo has been brought back in the sea by the Fujimoto who is his father. Ponyo strongly hoped I became human. Then, she took the power of the magic that her father had saved. And, she tried to meet Sosuke again escaping. The extraordinary natural phenomenon was caused by her reckless driving. The surface of the sea rose, and the storm happened. Condominium is generated, and the town in the beach has been made to go under water.

The theme of this movie is a boy it, a girl it, love, a responsibility, a sea, and a life.
Hayao Miyazaki supervisor drew as it did not hesitate in those themes. It is mother and child's stories.

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