Best CDs released in Japan

The Bee Gees's History
P33W-20001 \3,300 May 85
P22W-22024 \2,200 Nov.89 (reissue)

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This is the first released Bee Gees' CD. But it was very expensive.
LP version "History" has 24 songs in 2 LPs, But CD version has 19 songs because of one CD.

New York Mining Disaster 1941 / To Love Somebody / Massachusetts / Holiday / Words / I've gotta Get a Message to You / Melody Fair / In the Morning / Don't Forget to Remember / Lonely Days / How can You Mend a Broken Heart / Jive Talkin' / You should be Dancing / How Deep is Your Love / Stayin' Alive / Night Fever / Too Much Heaven / Tragedy / Living Eyes

Bee Gees Greatest Hits (Japanese Title "Bee Gees Best Hits")
P30W-20003 \3,000 Sep.86
P22W-22025 \2,200 Nov.89 (reissue)

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This is second Bee Gees' CD in Japan. It doesn't have the same songs as those in "History" CD.

I can't See Nobody / World / I Started a Joke / First of May / I.O.I.O. / My World / Run to Me / Nights on Broadway / Come on over / Love So Right / Love Me / More than a Woman / Love You inside out / He's a Liar / The Woman in You / I Love You Too Much

Bee Gees / Rare Collection
P22W-22026 \2,200 Nov.89

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This has very rare B-side songs. Tales Box has the stereo new mix version of the same songs. But "Rare Collection" has original mono mix version.
"Rarities"LP has the same cover, but songs is almost different.

Barker of the UFO*
Sinking Ships*
Sir Geoffrey Saved the World*
The Singer Sang His Song*
Tomorrow Tomorrow*
Sun in My Morning*
Saved by the Bell* (Robin Gibb)
Railroad (Maurice Gibb)
I'll Kiss Your Memory* (Barry Gibb)
Country Woman
My World
On Time
Wouldn't I be Someone
King and Country (previously unrelease long version)
It doesn't Matter much to Me
If I can't Have You
Rest Your Love on Me
Don't Throw It All away
He's a Liar (special maxi version)

* mono

The Best! / The Bee Gees
POCP-1517 \2,000 Nov.90

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Massachusetts / Turn of the Century / To Love Somebody / Saved by the Bell (Robin Gibb) / I Started a Joke / Close Another Door / Words / I Close My Eyes / New York Mining Disaster 1941 / Every Christian Lion Hearted Man will Show You / Cucumber Castle / I can't See Nobody / First of May / World / I.O.I.O. / I've gotta Get a Message to You / Holiday / Jive Talkin' / Nights on Broadway / You Should be Dancing

You Wouldn't Know / Bee Gees
(Japanese title is "Bee Gees Rare Best Collection")
TECX-25392 (Teichiku Records) \2,500 Dec.92

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Spicks and Specks / Three Kisses of Love / I don't Think It's Funny / Turn Around, Look at Me / I am the World / How Love was True / And the Children Laughing / You wouldn't Know / I Want Home / Follow the Wind / Could It be I'm in Love / To Be or Not to Be / Take Hold of That Star

The Bee Gees / Anthology 1963-1966
TECW-20473 (Teichiku Records) \2,000 Mar.97

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Same as "You Wouldn't Know (TECX-25392)"