Paulus, Stephen (U.S.A.) b.1949

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    Echoes Between the Silent Peaks 〜静かな峰々のエコー
    Text:Kenneth Rexroth
    1Banquet at the Tso Family Manor
    2Jade Flower Palace
    3Written on the Wall at Chang's Hermitage
    4Snow Storm
    5Clear After Rain
    6Farewell Once More
    出版Paulus Publications=SP 221=not_in_library
    録音Oregon Repertory Singers(Gilbert Seeley) -Koch International
    for Dale Warland

    出版Paulus Publications
    録音The Dale Warland Singers(Dale Warland) -American Choral Catalog
    Commissioned by Jack Thomas for his wife, Pat
    初演:1990-12-20 The Dale Warland Singers/指揮:Dale Warland

    Meditations of Li Po
    Text:Li Po
    1994混声 SSAATTBB無伴奏
    1...and even my soul remains quiet
    2I lift my eyes to watch the mountain moon
    3...and now the last cloud drains away
    出版European American Music
    録音The New York Concert Singers(Judith Clurman) -New World
    Commissioned by Linda and Jack Hoeschler in honor of Elizabeth Willett Musser
    初演:1994-11-12 The Ensemble Singers/指揮:Philip Brunelle

    Shall I Compare Thee?
    Text:William Shakes peare
    2002男声 TTBBa cappella
    出版Paulus Publications=SP 404=not_in_library
    録音Harvard Glee Club(Jameson Marvin) -Albany
    for Patty
    commissioned by:Harvard Glee Club Foundation for The Harvard Glee Club, Jameson N. Marvin, Conductor

    Three Nativity Carols
    1999混声 SATBハープ,オーボエ
    1The Holly and the Ivy
    2This Endris Night
    3Wonder Tidings
    出版Paulus Publications=SP 135=not_in_library
    録音The New York Concert Singers(Judith Clurman) -New World
    commissioned by:Pat Whitacre in loving memory of Gene (Whit) Whitacre for the Dale Warland Singers

    Wishes and Candles
    1998混声 SATBPf./Hrp.
    出版Paulus Publications=SP 417=not_in_library
    録音The New York Concert Singers(Judith Clurman) -New World

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