Partch, Harry (米) 1901-1974

Rotate the Body in All Its Planes - Ballad for Gymnasts
1961混声 Sop-Solo,women's voices and men's voicesピッコロ,トランペット,トロンボーン,チューバ,ドラムス,その他特殊楽器
録音(John Garvey) -CRI

Water! Water! - An Intermission with Prologues and Epilogues
1The Opening Prologue, and the Second Prologue, in which the instruments attack the Producer
2Water Criers and lead-in lines, O What Could He Do But Pick Her Up?
3Water Criers and lead-in lines, Witch for Water
The Aldermen's Fugue on No. Wanda the Water Witch
4Santa Mystiana the Beautiful
5Water Criers. Visitors from strange and foreign places: the Singer from Spoleto, and an Alabama mockingbird - Dear Old Alabama
6We Really Love Each Other. In 43 Whines to the Octave
7Water Criers. The baseball game is called on account of Rain!
8To Hell With the Game! Rain! Rain! The Highest Goodness Is Like Water
9Opening Epilogue (after three days of rain). Ghosts, Undele OOmph!
10Water Criers. Intervening dialogue. We'll Sue You for a Million!
11Do-lo-do-lo - - - doom!
Phoebus bids farewell. The Indian Runners bring news. The final song and dance, Gone, Man, Gone!. With the descending moan of the siren Phoebus plunges wildly into nothingness.
12Eighth Epilogue - the Producer finally silences the instruments.
Final Epilogue:"The highest goodness is like water"
録音(John Garvey) -CRI

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