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Building Kite

The sail is processed as follows;

Step1. Reinforcement of each sides of the sail with cotton tape.

Step2. Building the first bow frame.

Attatch the brass pipe B to the first bow or top frame as shown above.And paste a residual margin to paste up on the top frame precisely . After paste, make a hole of 3mm diameter at brass pipe.

Step3. Building the bottom bow frame.

After bonding, make holes of 3.2mm diameter at the position shown in the figure. These hoes is for fixing vertical frames at bottom frame with screws.

Step4. Building a top frame to the sail is performed as shown in the following figure.
Prepare five bolts with ring for top level bridle connection, two wing nuts and three nuts. Each bolt sizes are 3mm diameter and its length is 15mm.
Bolts should be secured with proper adhessive so as not to rotate when build frames with wing nut.
Ring provided on the top of bolt is for stainless small ring to which a bridle is binded.

Step5. Building a bottom frame to the sail is similar to building a top frame.
Prepare ordinary five bolts which length is 15mm and diameter is 3mm. At a bottom frame, bolt with ring is not used because no bridle is secured to the bottom frame.
Prepare five wing nuts. These wing nuts are used to fix a center frame, both sides frames and diagonal frames to the bottom frame.

Step6. Processing the sail with grommet treatment for the second frame thruogh fourth frame.
Prepare six grommets which has the dimension of 3.0mm diameter. Install a grommet at the location as shown in the following figure.
Before processing, bond the thin leather sheet (20mm x 30mm) at the place to be installed in order to reinformcement of the sail.

Step7. Processing of the second frame to the fourth frame.
Prepare preprocessed three bamboo frames for the first frame through fourth frame. Make 3mm diameter holes with a drill at near the both ends of the frame for securing frame to the sail with bowing string as shown in the following figure.

Processing of the vertical frame (center and both sides frame).

Prepare six bamboo frames preprocessed. Confirm the size of those frames so as to fit the pipe to be connected. If it does not fit, process so as to be fitted with a connecting brass pipe.
Details are shown in the following figure.

Processing of the oblique frames.

The oblique frame is jointed with bolt and nut and is made as one frame. When kite is fabricated the oblique frame is stretched and in the case of dismantle the frame is bended at the point of connecting nut.
The cross position of two oblique frames is located at the center cross point of the kite.

Step9. Buiding of second through fourth bowing frames to the sail with bowing string. These frames shoul no be pasted to the sail because vertical frames come through under these frames as shown in Outline of Frame Construction.

Processing of the both sides of the frame are shown in the following figure.

Step10. Building of kite.
This is shown in Outline of Frame Construction.

Step11. Bowing depth adjustable tool
A small tool made by bamboo is used to adjust the depth of bowing frame as shown in the following figure. The depth of bowing is about 120 to 150mm.

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