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List of Material

Bamboo; Diameter: more than 80mm, Length;1000mm, two pieces.
Common Japanese Bamboo (Phyllostaechys Bambususoides) is used. It is better to have a long length between bamboo joints. Bamboo should be cut in the period during October through March and shuould be more than two years old.

Washi; 900mm X 600mm(Standard size of handmade Japanese paper), white, 3 sheets
Washi(Japanese Handmade Paper) has very high strength comparing with ordinay paper and is reinforced by cloth sheet with fusing adhessive in the building process of Edo kite. Reinforcement with cloth sheet is made by an iron for fusing adhessive included on the cloth.

Cloth; 900mm X 1600mm (cotton cloth with fusing adhessive)
Cotton cloth sheet with fusing adhessive can be obtained at clothing store.

String;String should be chosen for its use as shown in the following.

Bridle:It is very important that bridles should not stretch and does not tangle when bridles are untied.The length of the bridles is more than 20(twenty) times of the height of Edo kite. The material of the bridle is made by flax. Vanish or bond is coarted for preventing tangling.

Bow:This is for bowing the kite frame. It needs the strength for withstanding bowing force.

Line:This line needs the strength to withstand the dynamic lift of the kite. It is better not to twist and when the twist line is used, untitwist bar should be employed at the combining point with bridles.

Kumade:"Kumade" means the tool for binding the bridles with line. It is named because its shape resembles with bamboo rake.

Cotton Tape; Width=8-10mm, Length=3400mm. This tape is used for reinforcement of the edge of the kite. This tape is folded into the edge of the kite.

Glass Rod; Diameter=20-30mm,length=900mm, two pieces. This glass rod is used for the hummer. Each rods need same strength to bow for balancing.

Hummer tape;Tape for wrapping. Traditionally the rattan skin has been used for the tape of hummer but it is very difficult to obtain the rattan skin, recently the tape for wrapping or band is used as an alternative.

Pipe;Brass pipe Inner diameter=9mm, Thickness of pipe=0.3mm, Length=300mm. This pipe is processed in ellipse cross sectional view for connecting bamboo frames.

Screw;Some kinds of screw is used to fix the frames.

Wood screw;This screw is used to fix the hummer stopper to the hummer.

Flat washer;This washer is used for connecting frames.

Leather; 50mm X 70mm thickness=2-3mm, one sheet. hard type. This leather is used to arrange the bridles for a convenience to adjust 14 (fourteen) bridles for its best length. 14 (fourteen) holes are provided in this leather sheet for each bridles.

Hummer Stopper;
This is located at the both ends of Hummer and is for stopping the humming tape.

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