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IPPF is the International Professional photo fair in Tokyo.
This fair is mainly aimed at pro photo gear, however, there are many interesting stuff for consumer.

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This comes with refined Sonnar 35mm F2.8.

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The picture taken with T3 still retains decent image at such a big enlargement.

klasse.jpg (21431 ???)
Another new compact camera from Fuji Film, Klasse.
It has tessar type new designed lens with aspherical surface.


Filmscanners are improved

kodakscan3500.jpg (17929 ???)
KODAK displays demo model of RFS3600 35mm film scanner. 3600DPI / USB or SCSI2.
It has a special lookup table for film unique data. It also has a special long sleeve loading system without cutting the sleeve.


polascan120.jpg (13161 ???)
Polaroid Polascan120.
4000DPI / IEEE1394 or SCSI.
35mm and 120/220 capabilities.

coolscan4000.jpg (19099 ???)
Nikon Coolscan 4000 & Coolscan III. ED lens feature.

Rollei rushes

There are some new display from Rollei.

rolleifx1.jpg (26396 ???)
New product Rolleiflex 2.8 FX. This is same to GX but classical outlook with leather skin.
Price is the same. GX type will not discontinue.

trollei.jpg (20769 ???)
Is this a time machine?
Rollei will announce brand new wide Rollei and tele Rollei in coming fall.
There are demo display of those. Shown above is a Rolleiflex 4.0W(Wide).
Lens might be either Zeiss or Roden.

wrollei.jpg (19433 ???)
Shown above is a Rolleiflex 4.0T.
Demo model is an FX
with old lens element of sonnar 135/4.

sharan.jpg (15133 ???)
This is tiny cam "Sharan". a small mimic of real model.
This is a Real TLR with a sports finder.



n1d.jpg (22699 ???)
CONTAX N digital is a demo model.


fm3a.jpg (12536 ???)
Nikon's new hybrid AE/ME camera FM3a with new pancake lens.



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Lyson B/W "4 color" ink for Epson ink jet.
It produce amazing BW output.


ibm.jpg (7368 ???)
IBM displays 22inch TFT monitor in 204PPI!
Amazingly crisp images are displayed on.


sekonic.jpg (13758 ???)
Sekonic's new light meter. This has an information display in the viewfinder and a wireless communication for flash sync.



colorhassel.jpg (17564 ???)

What is this??
This is a demo display of colored Hassey.
They said they just wanted to know user's response... :)