New Age of ZanzibART

4 young artists from Zanzibar

Hasim Abdi Hasim

Salum Ameir Ahmed Muchi

Asaa Hamad Khamis

Hassan Suleiman Kadudu

26 Aug.----8 Sep. 1994


P.O.Box 4904, Dar es Salaam,Tanzania

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Dear friend. I'd like to invite you to our exhibition of contemporary art from "Nyumba ya Sanaa,Zanzibar". As pioneers of Zanzibar art scene, these four artists present their interpretations of Zanzibar life and culture. Their art has developed from the traditional technique of woodcut printing and batik to produce works of a unique nature.
SALUM MUCHI(b.1967)portrays the daily life and festivities of the common people of Zanzibar.

Mchezo wa N'gonbe,1994,woodcut printing edition 150

ASAA HAMAD(b.1969)follows the theme of "TAARAB" music(Zanzibar original music) and Zanzibari forklore in his unique decorative drawings.

Taarab singer,1994,woodcut printing edition 50

HASHIM ABDI(b.1969)presents ,in a modern context,the heroines and heros of the Swahili spirit cult complex "SHETANI(satans)".

Dancing with Shetani,1994,200cmx150cm,woodcut printing edition 30

HASSAN KADUDU(b.1971) has developed his batik art from the common tourist souvenir into a unique style of "Batik Painting".

The exhibition will comprise of one or two large works (2.0mx1.5m) by each artist plus many working drawings.
I hope that you can com ,admire these works and feel the depth and breadth of the "New Age of ZanzibArt".
26 Aug. '94
Your Sincerely

Shin-ichi Arai(artist,teacher of fine art at nyumba ya Sanaa,Zanzibar)

And we'd like to say thank you to
Ministry of information, culture, tourism and youth, Zanzibar
Japan International Cooperation Agency
Rajab Ally Mkunde
Hiromi Ookubo
Simon Halford(VSO)
Fergus Riach(VSO)

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