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This page was generated with the permission by Mr.Katsutaka Murooka.

Mr.Katsutaka Murooka is very famous for his creative modern kites and a most talented kite aerial photographer in Japan since 1975. He makes his kites by using glassfiber rod or carbon rod and ripstop sheet. The size of his his kites are more than 3 square meters and has a single line. He is a member of "Musashi Kite Club"as well as Japan Kite Association.
He is the president of "Japan Kite Photograpy Association" and one of a growing number of worldwide enthusiasts in the area of kite aerial photography. He issued two books about the kite photography, Kite Photography and A Hand-Made Satellite: Kite Aerial Photography.
If there are anyone who want to get more information, contact with him directly or through my web site.
(2-42-7, Shirasagi, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 165-0035 JAPAN)
Phone: +81(Japan)-3-3338-4112 Fax:+81(Japan)-3-5327-7306

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Yakko flow form kite
Musashikite Kemarikite Rokkakufor kite photography
Box Delta kite for Photography
Olympic kite Message kites Muro kites for Photography

Pirate Ship Kite
Aerial Kite Photo Thread Kite & Air Bowl

This picture of Kite Photography was taken at Giza Pyramid, Egypt by Katsutaka Murooka.
The data of kite:
The name of kite : Flow form kite
Camera : Nikon mini 35m/m
The height : 30m

The origin of the kite photography as about 100 years ago in France. Mr.K.Murooka has began kite photograpy in Japan. International Kite Photography group was settled about 10 yeas ago, and since then many kite photographers have been exchanging their information about photography. Kite photography is very useful for the study of archeology or environment.Mr.K.Murooka has been taking many kite photos over the ruins of Italy or Egypt.

Post modern kite 2000 which is made from single frame by Katsutaka Murooka is flying in the blue sky.
Modern kite design for next generation is called as the post modern kite. This kite is made from single vertical frame according to the principle of that simple is best. Mr.K.Murooka designed and made new post modern kite which has only single frame in the memorial of year 2000.As shown in the picture, this kite has some holes alongside with vertical line and has a single vertical frame which has a shape in arch. Vertical frame has a keel. Height of this kite is about 2m.