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Masashikun Hi!

for Windows9x/NT/2000 Masashikun Hi! ver. 1.11e (c) Kenta Cho(ABA."Saba")

Masashikun Hi is a wacky olympics involving silly scribbled stick figures. There are events ranging from sprinting to tug-of-war to high diving.

Now English version is available. It includes English readme and help.

How to play (from english readme written by Adam Milecki)

Kakenukero (Sprinting) Kakenukero

Run as fast as possible over the bumpy terrain and make your way to the finish line by quickly spinning the mouse. Click the left mouse button to hop over steep hills and deep dips.

Tobibako (High Jump) Tobibako

Run fast by quickly spinning the mouse. When you reach the arrow on the ground, click the left mouse button. If you time it correctly, you'll land on a spring board. You'll launch high into the air and a measuring wall will begin to build next to you. Spin the mouse to go slightly higher. When you begin to slow down, click the left mouse button to stop building the wall, then click the left mouse button to slide over the wall. The higher you let the wall build, the more points you get, but you must slide over the wall to receive the points.

Oooka (Tug-of-war) Oooka

You are the man on the far left. Drag the man in the middle past your arrow as quickly as possible to win. Spin the mouse to build strength, then click the left mouse button to tug the man along. Repeat this until you pass the arrow on the left.

Hitonage (Shotput) Hitonage

Spin the mouse to spin the man and gain momentum. Then click the left mouse button and hold it until the angle line is at a 45 degree angle. You must do this to throw the other man as far as possible before you fall off the cliff. You can get best results by spinning quickly, by getting the angle close to 45 degrees and by throwing the man as straight as possible.

Fire (High-Dive) Fire

Spin the mouse to gain speed and jump of the cliff. When you land on the trampoline, wait until it stretches as much as it can, then click the left mouse button to fly into the air. Keep bouncing as long as you can by spinning the mouse when the man flys up.

System Requirements

Masashikun Hi! is a free software. You can download it from here.


English readme is written by Adam Milecki. Thank you!


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