Animal Stamp of Uzbekistan

The most of the country of the Republic of Uzbekistan are Kyzyl khoum Desert. It was a part of Persia before A.D., but it took invasions such as Turkey, Arab, Mongolia after the seventh century, and Timour Empire prospered in the 14th century. The follower of Czarist Russia received it in the 19th century, and Uzbek S.S.R. was formed in 1924, and it was it with the republic which constituted the Soviet Union in 1925. It became independent for further 1991 years and renamed the name of a country to the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Six kinds of stamps (a small seat) on which it drew a snake and a lizard in 1999 were issued by this Republic of Uzbekistan.

Republic of Uzbekistan
1999.6.22 Reptiles Stamp
Steppe Racerunner
Eremias arguta
Meadow Viper
Vipera ursinii
Toad-headed Agama Lizard
Phrynocephalus mystaceus

Pallas' Pit Viper
Agkistrodon halys
Schneider's Skink
Eumeces schneideri
Blunt-nosed Viper
Vipera lebetina

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