Dragonfly Stamp of Botswana

The Botswanan indigenous people is an alien Coisanean, the 17th century began, and the Botswanan indigenous people were ruled over by Tswana of Bantu families. It became British protectorate Bechuanaland in 1885 and became independent as the Republic of Botswana in 1966. The political situation is stable.
Six kinds of insect stamps were issued in 1981 from Botswana.
Additionaly four kinds of stamps of a dragonfly were issued in 1983. Four kinds of all are the beautiful stamps unified by the dragonfly.
Four kinds of stamps and one kind of small sheet of beetles were issued in 2004.
Four kinds of beetle stamps were issued in 2008.

1981.2.23 Insect Stamp
Emperor Dragonfly
Anax imperator
Praying Mantid
Sphodromantis gastrica
Elegant Grssshopper
Zonocerus elegans
Dung Beetle
Kheper nigroaeneus
Citrus Swallowtail Butterfly
Papilio demodocus
Mopane Worm
Gonimbrasia belina

1983.12.25 Dragonfly Stamp
Globe Skimmer
Pantala flavescens
Emperor Dragonfly
Anax imperator
Red-veined Dropwing
Trithemis arteriosa
Chlorolestes elegans

2003.11.12 Beetle Stamp
Leaf Beetle
Poyclada flexuosa
Blister Beetle
Mylabris polymorpha
Broad-necked Darkling Beetle
Coelocnemis californicus
Jewel Beetle
Sternocera orissa
Flower Chafer
Dicranorrhina derbyana

2008.12.1 Beetle Stamp
Small Green Dung Beetle
Gymnoplerus humanus
Lunata Ladybird
Chellomenes lunata
Garden Fruit Beetle
Pachnoda sinuata
Darkling Beetle
Eleodes sp.

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