Funny Snowman

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Animated Cursors 5


Hawaii cursors

I love ocean! Just watching the wide, beautiful sea, the daily stress will be eliminated, and it seems that life will somehow extend!

102 ZOO series (Giant Panda)

Panda cursors

Giant Panda in Tokyo Ueno Zoo, A baby panda was born in year 2017 for that memorial.

103 ZOO series (Seals)

Seals cursors

Seals of fatty style. Usually seals in Alaska are inhabited, we can see the Tama-chan in Tamagawa-river around Tokyo the year 2002-2004.

104 Peter Rabbit [PD]

Peter Rabbit cursors

Peter Rabbit of United Kingdom picture book, is now shown a road show, that rabbits are so qute. Here the cursors made from original picture book.

0xx cursors


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