Funny Snowman

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Animated Cursors 1

001 Snowman classic style

Snowman cursors

Snowman!!!! Of course, but classic style. I made for the first time, but it's most cute. Did you know Japnese snowman has only two balls.

002 Three colored snowmans

colored snowman cursors

Colored snowman, Thanks YASUI-san for nice idea to paint many colors. it became so qute.

003 Kawaii Cow

kawaii cow cursors

The year 2009's eto (zodiacal sign for the year) is Cow. how cute.

004 Kawaii Cat (Three)

Kawaii Cat cursors

Three color variety of cats, black, gray and white.

005 CORGI the dog

Corgi the dog cursors

"Corgi", that cute English dog looks like Japanese dog. Soft hair and standing-ears are the strong point. Super dishes are included.

006 PUG the dog

PUG the dog cursors

"Pug the Dog", Probabry he is always in trouble face, but big eyes are very cute. Ms. Hitomi has requested Ann of pug. Ann was gone. I hope this will be her good memories, because she can meet her always on desktop computer.

007 Kawaii Cats

Kawaii Cat cursors

A request has informed me to know that I have made only dog's cursors but no cat's curosrs. Now I give it for people who love cats. Black cats are included.

008 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland [PD]

fantasy angel cursors

From the novel "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" written by English author, a girl named Alice and animals she met in the story, were bundled in set of cursors. | Lefty

009 Penguin

fantasy angel cursors

My daughter love to watch the penguins of Madagascar, thus I watched it, especially I was looking forward the Kowalski's (a penguin) inventions. By the way here you can download just PENGUIN curosors.

010 Claudia Madobe (Microsoft) [Fanfic]

fantasy angel cursors

Cloud Girl Claudia is Microsoft official charactor. I'm glad to make animation cursors as soon as I aware of it is public domain. By the way, if your desktop apps become busy, this cursor will be freezed ;P
Cloud Girl | MSDN manga
© 2011 Microsoft Corporation All Rights Reserved (Japanese only).

011 AguCul (Agriculture Angel Baraki) [Fanfic]

Agriculture Mouse Pointer

Never forget 311 earthquake in Japan. Team from Ibaraki where a port of Japan, who give their characters AguCul to charity activities. They have fun web site, sorry it is only Japanese, but try to see Moe charactes.
Agukaru Official site
© Studio PU YUKAI, copyright guideline (Japanese only).

012 PUZZLE & DRAGONS [Fanfic]

Pazzle&Dragons Mouse Pointer

PazeDora is the iPod or Android application, [Official Site] sorry Japanese only. Today I'm crazy about it. It's pazzle but conbination with RPG, to grow dragons to more stronger, it's fun and steal my free time.
© GungHo Online Entertainment. Inc. All Rights Reserved. copyright guideline (Japanese only).

013 Rei Ayanami (EVANGELION) [Fanfic]

Rei Ayanami of Evangelion cursors

I just watched two movies of Evangelion on TV just few weeks ago, and I aware of nothing eva cursors on internet. Here enjoy if you love eva. Notice; GAINAX corp's guidline permits only fixed images, therefore these cursors are not animated.
© GAINAX CO.,Ltd. copyright guideline (Japanese only). DO NOT REPUBLIC.

014 PUZZLE & DRAGONS 2 [Fanfic]

Pazzle&Dragons 2 Mouse Pointer

Not PuzzDra Z but 2. Here listed dragons are the ranking of popularity 6, Number 1 Clown-Dragon, 2 Red-Chaser, 3 Dark-Lady but she is too prety to make cursors, bule-bubble uploaded insted of her ;P, Enjoy them!
© GungHo Online Entertainment. Inc. All Rights Reserved. copyright guideline (Japanese only).

015 Kawaii cool robot the RAPIRO

Mouse pointer of Kawaii robot Rapiro

Cute and cool robot Rapiro that kids can build. Tiny but cute the Rapiro that you can install Raspberry Pi3 inside. Expanding with trendy AI on Raspberry pi, you may communicate with robot RAPIRO. FunnySnowman also try to build Rapiro and install easy program and expanded AI program (today only Japanese content available).
KILUCK corp. Rapiro product.
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