XYZ Rehearsals

Venue : Unknown Date : 1981 Source : Stereo-Soundboard Total Time : 22min Generation : 4th Gen. Tape Speed : Normal Quality : Excellent
XYZ STORY Do you know XYZ? XYZ is a name of band what Jimmy Page tried to make with Chris Squire and Alan White (from YES) in 1981. Origin of the name is eX Yes, Zeppelin. (Too easy!!) Unfortunately, this project was failed. Chris and Alan released single titled as "RUN WITH THE FOX" in Dec, 1981. And, Jimmy released soundtrack album "DEATH WISH II" in Mar, 1982. Chris says about the source of XYZ in his interviews. But there are no underground tapes in trader's market for long time. I'm proud of that I can introduce this great treasure to you. ** Special Thanks to Mr. Shoji Yamada (He is great YES Collector.) **
SONGLIST 1. Instrumental #1 [4:49] You can hear almost same rythum pattern in YES UNION TOUR 1991/1992. (It was twin drums solo by Bill Brudford and Alan White.) --> RealAudio file Download [62KB//31sec] 2. Instrumental #2 [4:01] This is a proto-type of THE FIRM's "Fortune Hunter"!!!!! --> RealAudio file Download [186KB//1:32] 3. Unknown Song #1 ("And Do You Believe It?") [4:42] Vocal is Chris. Piano is dubbed. (Do you think who played it?) --> RealAudio file Download [556KB//4:38 Full] 4. Unknown Song #2 ("Telephone Secret") [7:36] With chorus like YES! --> RealAudio file Download [138KB//1:09]
Titles are just only my naming... If You don't have RealAudio Player, get here. -->
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