ZEPP Live in Tempe '77

  1. The Battle Of Evermore
  2. Going To California
  3. Black Country Woman
  4. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
  5. Trampled Underfoot
  6. White Summer/Black Mountain Side
  7. Kashimir(cut)
  8. Guitar Solo(cut)
  9. Achilles Last Stand
  10. Stairway To Heaven


Valuable docmennt of Zepp's last American tour. It was between Seattle and Tampa shows.

Robert's voice is breaking sometimes. Jimmy plays very roughly.

Achilles of the day is very strange performance.
Jimmy irritates audience with long arpeggio before intro.
After starting, Plant doesn't notice that he is out of rhythm.
In ending, the band are out of control. Jimmy ends outro before Bonzo's break!!

You can get sample sound from this tape(.WAV)

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