Page and Plant in Marseille '95

Venue : Marseille Dome, Marseilles, France Date : 06/09/95 Source : Stereo-Audience Total Time : 120min (Complete) Generation : 3rd Gen. Tape Speed : Normal Quality : Very Good/Excellent
SONG LIST 1. Immigrant Song/The Wanton Song 2. Bring It On Home 3. Heartbreaker (only guitar solo) 4. Black Dog 5. No Quarter 6. Gallows Pole 7. Hurdy Gurdy solo 8. Yallah 9. Since I've Been Loving You 10. The Song Remains the Same 11. Calling To You -Down By The Seaside -Break On Through -Dazed and Confused 12. Dancing Days 13. Four Sticks 14. In the Evening/Carouselambra [Encore] 15. Thank You 16. Kashmir

Ultra rare tapes!! It's not been circulated in US/JAPAN for long time.
Not only tape itself, but setlist were unknown for long time.
There are some tape flutter. Narrow range sound.

Start without introduction tape.
Jimmy plays solo of HEARTBREAKER as bridge between BRING IT ON HOME to
This is 1st night that SIBLY plays before TSRTS.
It is out of the rhythm in BREAK ON THROUGH.
THANK YOU is played as encore. (It's rare, too.)

Special thanks to Mr. Yas!! (He is a super trader!!)

You can get sample sound from this tape(.WAV)

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