ZEPP Live in Houston '73

Venue : Sam Houston Arena, Houston, Texas, U.S.A Date : 05/16/73 Source : Mono-Audience Total Time : 150min (Complete) Generation : 4th Generation Tape Speed : Normal Quality : Good/Very Good

  1. Rock and Roll
  2. Celebration Day
  3. Black Dog
  4. Over The Hills and Far Away
  5. Misty Mountain Hop
  6. Since I've Been Loving You
  7. No Quarter
  8. The Song Remains The Same
  9. The Rain Song
  10. Dazed And Confused
  11. Stairway To Heaven
  12. Moby Dick
  13. Heartbreaker
  14. Whole Lotta Love
  15. -I'm Going Down
  16. -Boogie Woogie

  17. Communication Breakdown

Distorted but hearable sound. Almost full show recording.

This is their wild night!
Starting from ROCK AND ROLL with rough but thriling solo.
Robert is not so bad condition. (better than avarage in '73)
Guitar solo of SIBLY is cut-out about few seconds.

This day's highlights is supreme TSRTS.
Tight bass, miracle guitar, tank-drums! (Only Robert is avarage.)
Mellotron of THE RAIN SONG is very beautiful.
Robert recovers condition a little in DAZED.

To my regret, solo of STH is only avarage.

If Robert is more better, it would be one of the best night in US '73.

You can get sample sound from this tape(.WAV)

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