#2-Return of The Spade Knights

ストーリー Story

It's been about two years since the death of evil wizard DEAHTEAD.

There are 7 city-state on the earth, sometimes they fight, sometimes they concert to contend for spremacy. One of them, about 100 miles west there was a city named Calnac. This city was protected by discreet high lord and elite knights worked for him.The royal coat of arms known as brave is spade as swords, so royal guard wass called "Spade Knights". Armed by shining swords and impregnable armors, they were highly proud as a symbol of Calnac.

A year ago, an evil force appeared at Calnac. Evil fighters attacked the city of Calnac, and Spade Knights and royal army fought against evil desperately to protect Calnac. But, because of overwhelming numbers of evil force soldiers and their leading commander, arch wizard ZOD-I-AC, knights of spade were killed one- by-one. At last, high lord of Calnac was slain by ZOD-I-AC, royals falled, and Castle of Calnac was ruined. The sign of royalty gone away into deeper underground, Finaly evil force besieged Calnac.

Two weeks ago, the last retainer of Calnac struggled along to our town. He said, Calnac is already under the control of evil force. People scrape a living, they can't escape from the city, they are frightened every day. There is no chance to make a frontal attack on evil force and defeat them, only one way to break siege is sending few elites, sneaking into the ruin of the Castle, and killing ZOD-I-AC stay deep underground of the ruin.If evil force lose its leader, it disintegrate, and the siege of Calnac is over.

The evil force is common threat agains other city-states, and they can't overlook for a long time. So the overlord called you defeated DEAHTEAD, and ordered to leave for Calnac. Evil force besieged a Calnac, so a man at arm can't pass through the gateway. You never take lots gold because of sneaking mission. Your only way is take a few golds, provide weapons locally, and carry out your mission by your own.

You have accepted.