1) This war is based on the doctrine of Billy Graham in which a bush believes.
The last purpose is extermination of Islam.

2) This war planned by Project of New American Century (PNAC).
It is prepared five years before.

3) PNAC planned September-11,and CIA prepares it.
This war itself is a lump of lies and betrayals.

4) The bin Laddin family and the Bush family are in an intimate relation through oil and money.
Oil and the money also of this war are the first purpose.

5) PNAC is the working unit of the American military-industrial complex.
Their dream is also making the 21st century full of war.






A declaration 9.11(for no war,no terrorism,no violence)

◆ Arms and capital were passed to Usama Bin Laddin and Alcaida, military training was given, and the United States CIA taught the means and method of merciless homicide.
The American government also passed and taught Sadum Hussein of Iraq capital and arms.
The origin of indiscriminate and merciless terrorism, and violence is the United States.


◆ The United States has bombed about twenty nations including Japan and Vietnam.
Indiscriminate bombing is added not only to the atom bomb of Hiroshima and Nagasaki but to Tokyo, Osaka, Hanoi, and Managua (Nicaragua), and many citizens are murdered.
Only the United States will not affirm and be ashamed of such an indiscriminate attack if the old fascist government of Japan/Germany/Italia is removed as a state.


◆ If the basis of the violence by such United States and merciless homicide is followed, an American former occupant's slaughter will be reached.
The United States deluded former occupants with language at first, and, behind, eliminated them by violence.
It is the origin of violence and homicide which it is U.S. original sin to have killed the former occupant and to just have made the black man into the slave, and it still follows.
The United States carried forward the step of the invasion to west further with the vigor which slaughtered and banished natives, and performed former occupant slaughter also in Hawaii Pacific Islands and the Philippines.

Israel is the last colony of the U.S. on substance.


◆ It was such violence and slaughter which the United States has performed to the name of freedom and human rights.
Such consciousness completely lacks in many Americans.
And the world is also made to forget it by U.S. information operation.
If you want to lose terrorism, violence, and slaughter from on the earth, you have to correct the United States first.
The United States should apologize to natives and should do all compensation.
The United States should apologize to all the races that added indiscriminate bombing.
And extensive slaughter arms should be abolished on its own initiative, and it should go to abolition of arms and violence.