My grandmother makes very beautiful dolls
with traditional Japanese paper(Washi paper)!
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My grandmother,Fusako Yatsuka,makes very beautiful japanese washi dolls!
She made these beautiful dolls only with paper cotton and wire.
She created these kind of paper dolls 30 years ago and has been teaching
many students at her house since.
She is 81 years old now but still enjoy making and teaching these dolls.


We have much more nice dolls in the next page

If you like these dolls very much,please send send messages to her!!
(I will translate your english to japanese as she doesnt understand
Send a message to my grandmother


Japanese Paper Dolls in USA

you can see many kinds of beautiful washi dolls!! They have been selling them to raise funds for the rebuilding of their home church in Kobe, Japan,after the earthquake.

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