CHANTICLEER - Colors of Love
Cradle Songs
Music:Steven Stucky
11.Rouxinol do pico preto (Brazil)
22.Lulajze, Jezuniu (Poland)
33.Buy Baby Ribbon (Tobago)
4Village Wedding
Music:John Tavener
Canti d'Amor
Music:Bernard Rands
5Winds of May, that dance on the sea
6O cool is the valley
7This heart that flutters near my heart
8Silently she's combing her long hair
9Gently lady, do not sing sad songs
10Sleep now, O you unquiet heart!
11All day I hear the noise of waters
12Words of the Sun
Music:Zhou Long
Tang Poems
Music:Chen Yi
13Written on a Rainy Night
14Wild Grass
15The Rub of Love
Music:Augusta Read Thomas
16in time of
Music:Steven Sametz
Love Songs
Music:Augusta Read Thomas
17Look out upon the stars, my love ...
18Love is a beautiful dream
19Alas, the love of women
20For stony lomits cannot hold love not
21All mankind love a lover


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