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Story of Hana with Epilepsy. Hana was a lovely female dog with her good shape and noble character. She has passed away.
When she was 1 year old, to my sorrow, however, I found that she inherited epilepsy and, from time to time suffered from the fits.
I made every effort for relieving her from fits and asked veterinarians for curing her in vain, finding their inability to my disappointment.
It was more embarrassing for me to find in the library of some medical school that her illness was infantile spasm, one of the most serious epilepsy. But good news was that I also found there some papers explaining about the medicines effective for this illness.
A large amount of vitamine B6, pyridoxal phosphate, had had a good effect on her for 2 months. ACTH injection also had had a good effect on her for about 3 months.

Tokyo, April 6, 1996

Q & A

Question 1
What medicine were effective on her ?

Answer 1
A large amount of pyridoxal phosphate ( vitamine B6),Chlordiazepoxixide and ACTH, namely, tetracosactide acetate were effective on her for each 2 months.

Question 2
What dosage of vitamin B6 were you giving?

Answer 2
Thank you for your e-mail.
I am not a doctor. I am a lawyer. I will tell you my experience.
While my dog suffered epilepsy seizure I studied the way of reliefing her. I found her epilepsy was Infantile Spasms or the West and Lennox Syndromes. I found also high-dose pyridoxine was effective without harm.
Her weight was about 15kg. I gave her about 500mg pyridoxine hydrochloride a day. It stopped seizure but not perfectly. Then I gave her about 500mg pyridoxal phosphate a day. It stopped seizure perfectly for 2 months.
I knew 2 type vitamine B6. One was pyridoxine hydrochloride and the other was pyridoxal phosphate.
Pyridoxal phosphate was more effective to the seizure than pyridoxine hydrochloride.
In the library you can find many English theses on effect of pyridoxal phosphate treatment in human with epilepsy.
Good luck to your patients.

May 2, 1998
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