Summer holidays in 2004

- Fishing at Oshino area of Katsura River in Yamanashi prefecture -

Photo of Brook(?) trout
Brook trout? caught with Royal Coachman Parachute (no tail), tied on a grub hook #14

Photo of fish hooked

Photo of IWANA, a Japanese char.
IWANA, Japanese char

Photo of the same fish with fly rod grip
Same fish with my new rod, CFF I's 3 LB tuned

Photo of the stream, far side bank with drain pipe!?

Photo of the stream

Photo of rainbow trout and FUTASUJI MONKAGERO (large cream-coloured mayfly) imitation fly, extended body
Small rainbow took "FUTASUJI MONKAGERO" (large cream-coloured mayfly) emerger extended body

Photo of salmon family fishes in aquarium

Photo of fishing pal with tours in aquarium
During heavy rain fall, we enjoyed strolling in an aquarium along the stream

Photo of confluence of muddy tributary
After the rain, we went upstream from this confluence,
but I just managed to catch and release one rainbow trout hooked on the back!?
The rainbow was about 40cm, and the fly was the "FUTASUJI" emerger.

## Incomlete gill cover or fin implies these fishes grew up in a fish farm, and have not lived in the stream so long. Since they are novices as game fish, even novice fly fishers like me can enjoy fishing with them. Ha, ha!
Of course, there are a number of educated and difficult fishes for experts. Such fishes evaluate your flies, tippets, and drifts strictly. ##