Nojiri's Coarsefish Album

Other target fish for flyfishing in Japan.

-Most flyfishers enjoy playing with them during off season of trouts, but some are absorbed in catching them even in high season...

OIKAWA, Japanese Chub(?)

OIKAWA (12.5 cm male) with midge pupa #24, DT3F and 7X tippet. Water temperature: 22 degrees centigrade.

Nojiri-san's New toy!? "Tiny Swallow"

OIKAWA (male/left, female/right)

You can find OIKAWA in such a stretch of water, since they prefer wormer water than trouts.


TAKAHAYA (15 cm) with MSC-S #14. Water temp.: 15 degrees.

We are annoyed with TAKAHAYA when we fish a trout river and catch such coarsefish unexpectedly. However, Nojiri-san loves such sorts of coarsefish, probably more than trouts!

Photo by H.Nojiri.

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