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Updated on 2016/4/15



Yangeta Island


Callsign: 3D2YA

QTH: Yangeta Island, Yasawa group, Fiji  IOTA OC-156,

QRV Schedule: 2015/9/23 – 2015/9/28


Band and Mode: 40m – 10m  CW/RTTY/SSB

Transceiver: IC7000 100w and KX3 10W (as back-up)

Antenna: Bravo-5 vertical dipole for 10-20M and HFp Vertical for 30/40M


QSL info: via JA1NLX  SASE ($2.00) or OQRS (Direct ($3.00) or Buro) @Do not send IRC.

Do not send your QSL via Buro. I am no longer member of JARL.. I will send you QSL via Buro from GlobalQSL only if you request OQRS Buro.


LoTW will be uploaded when I return home.

Online Log may be uploaded daily if good internet connection is available, otherwise will be uploaded when I am back in Nadi or home..


Check here also. The daily topics/pictures may be uploaded in English if good internet connection is available.


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The latest News



QSLing status as of 2016/4/15


All QSLs for SASE and OQRS_Direct have been shipped.

ALL Logs for OQRS_Buro have been sent to GlobalQSL for printing/shipping.




QSLing status as of 2015/12/24


All QSLs for SASE and OQRS_Direct have been shipped.

ALL Logs for OQRS_Buro have been sent to GlobalQSL for printing/shipping.

If you have any problem then send me email. I do not send any QSL unless I have request. (SASE, OQRS_Direct or OQRS_Buro)






QSLing status as of 2015/11/3. 

All QSL requested have been sent directly or to GlobalQSL for (OQRS_Buro)  I will QSL as soon as I receive your request (SASE, OQRS_Direct or OQRS_Buro). I do not know how long it takes for you to receive QSL from your Buro, maybe ONE year or so. If you have any problem then ask me by e-mail.


All QSO in the Log has been uploaded on LoTW.


I suppose there a many friends who are not interested in confirmation (by QSL card or LoTW).  They only enjoy QSO.  OH wellc.thatfs your preference.





Log has been uploaded on LoTW.

All QSL (SASE, OQRS_Direct as of today) has been posted.

Log has been uploaded on ClubLog. (OQRS_Buro as of today)




Propagation forecast and real world


I mainly used Propagation forecast by VOAOnLine (See topic on 2015/8/15 below) These are summary QSOs/Band/Time for EU, NA and JA.

I did not drink too much at every dinner to fight against EU pileup !!!

Note: QRT between 12 – 17 for bed.








3D2YA finished. Thanks for many QSOs although condx was not good.

Log has been already uploaded on ClubLog. It will be uploaded on LoTW in a week or so. If you have any problem then please let me know by eamail.

I will carefully check my Log. I am ready to answer QSL request (SASE or OQRS_Direct)


Topics and pictures below.


QSOs summary



I stayed in Navutu Stars Resort. I was here in 2012. Navutu Stars Resort is small resort where there are only 10 Bure (Bungallow) and only

resort in Yangeta Island, Yasawa Gropup. It is good idea to enjoy holiday style QRV here. Each Bure has private garden faced to North. The resort kindly

allow us to operate HAM and build Antenna if it is relatively small. You must remember staff often comes in Bure and give us many questions during pileup !!! They are very friendly.

There are 2 ways to access this resort, by bort or by seapalane. I used seaplane when I went to the resort. It takes only 30 minutes from Nadi to the rseort.

Ummmm........very exciting experience at co-pilot seat. I am only passenger....





I arrived here at about 13:00 and ready to go at 14:30.


IC7000 with exterl FAN and Bravo-5 vertical Dipole for 20/17/15/12/10m. I used HFp vertical for 30m. It is possible to access internet via WiFI in the Bure.

Log was uploaded on ClubLog every morning. You can see small unit, it is WiFI unit.





It is not good in day time although I worked NA/AS mostly in the afternoon, a little in the morning.

It is very good in the evening for EU/AS on 20/17/15m. I always had dinner at 6 PM with ONLY a little Beer and 2 glass of wine. After dinner I enjoyed pileup

by EU/AS every night.

10m has been completely dead, no QSOs at all. 12m opens during very short time in day time, mostly NA and AS. I did not try 40m.



Weather has been not good with rain and clouds. Sun shined during day in only 2 days. This is point to see sun rise but.....




Now time to leave

The small boat took us to the bigger ship. It took about 4 hours to Nadi.





Expected time schedule... (Time in Local time)




13:55              depart from Narita

16:20              arrive at Incheon

19:25              depart from Incheon


08:35              arrive at Nadi

10:00              depart from Nadi by seaplane   Note: This flight will be delayed or cancelled depending on adverse weather.

10:30              arrive at Yangeta Island


12.00              start QRV if everything is OK



17:00              QRT


13:45              depart from Yangeta Island by boat

17:45              arrive at Nadi


09:55              depart from Nadi to Narita via Incheon

24:00              arrive home


Note. JA time is UTC+9Hours and 3D2 time is UTC+12Hours




All equipments look working fine without any problem. However I decided to take KX3/10W as back-up Transceiver.




Equipments under testing.....


This is feeding box of Brovo-5 vertial dipole antenna. 2 long screws have been replaced by Johnson terminals. This antenna is very small, however it has worked always with good result. Simply touching a red lead with red clip changes Band.



Small PC is for Logger32 and home-brew WinKeyer program.

IC7000, FAN for cooling IC7000 and ZLP Electronics CW Keyer (WinKey chip installed). Pico MiniPadle is placed under IC7000 by magnet.

Z-100Plus antenna tuner and SignaLink. DC power suplly is not shown in this picture.


I always connect all equipments with cables and check how it works. These are packed in suite case a few days before departure.





Propagation forecast from 3D2 by VOAOnLine.


Propagation was very good for EU last year. I do not expect too much this year though. It looks good for NA and JA during day time.

How do you think ?





Propagation forecast from 3D2 by VOAProp (created by by G4ILO)












This is sample QSL image.(TBD)






I am testing IC7000. As you know it gets very hot while running for only about 30 minutes. I think I add external FAN. If this does not work as expected

then I will take KX3/KXPA100 which I used 3D2YA_2014.


I have made home-made QSL for many years (Home and DX vacation operation). I am preparing QSL for this operation as usual. I need only

pictures replacement when I get home.