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Updated on 2014/9/15

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Mana Island


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Callsign: 3D2YA

QTH: Mana Island, Mamanuca group, Fiji  IOTA OC-121,

Schedule: 2014/10/3 – 10/9  

         I will arrive at Mana Island in the afternoon on 10/3. QRV will start very soon.


Band: IOTA Freq on 30m – 10m   (QSY a little up or down when QRM appear)

CW: 10115, 14040, 18085, 21040, 24905, 28040

SSB: 14260, 18125, 21260, 24950, 28460
Mode: CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31  (only CW during the first half)


Transceiver: KX3/KXPA100 100W

Antenna: Bravo 5 1/2 wave vertical Dipole and HFp Vertical.


QSL info: via JA1NLX  SASE ($2.00) or OQRS (Direct ($3.00) or Buro) @Do not send IRC.

Do not send your QSL via Buro. I am no longer member of JARL.. I will send you QSL via Buro from GlobalQSL only if you request OQRS Buro.


Others:@LoTW and Online Log will be available when I return home unless I have good internet connection in the island.

@@@@@@Daily topics may be uploaded on the Blog page if internet is available in the island.



QSL card image (Draft)

Both QSL cards, one sent by me for SASE and OQRS direct and one sent by GrobalQSL for OQRS Buro, looks almost same.

Pictures should be replaced by the latest ones and may be added when I return home.






Propagation forecast by VOAProp (created by G4ILO)








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