SAT Competence Requirement for Certified SAT Counselors

AHC Certification

Competence Requirements

@SAT Imagery therapist Be able to assist those with psychosomatic symptoms caused by severe stress or those with psychological problems live their own
life, and stop living a life they cannot
control, by promoting awareness of their hidden memories.
@SAT Health Counselor
Be able to assist clients achieve self-development by promoting awareness, healing and relearning of their hidden memories that prevent self- development.
@SAT Mental Counselor
Be able to assist clients solve their own problems through behavioral modification by promoting awareness, healing and relearning of their hidden memories.
@SAT Group Health Counselor
Be able to assist groups in problem solving
and self-development.
@SAT Group Counselor
Be able to serve as a mental health leader at work, school or local community by understanding group dynamics.
@SAT Social Skills Trainer Be able to educate and guide clients to develop skills that will enable them effectively to satisfy their partnerfs physical and spiritual desires (e.g., coaching, mentoring, relaxation, listening, debating and coordinating). 

AHC Rules for Certifying SAT Counselors and Trainers

Article 1
Only AHC members shall be qualified to become certified SAT
counselors and trainers. Their qualification as AHC members is set forth in the AHC rules.
Article 2
AHC certification shall be valid for three years from the date of its issuance.

Article 3
To renew certification, acquisition of three credits or more and presentation of cases where equivalent competence is demonstrated shall be required during the initial three years SAT counselors and trainers are certified.

Article 4
One credit each shall be granted for participation in AHC meetings and  participation as instructors, supervisors (except basic course supervisors) or students in AHC-certified basic or advance course, masterfs course, or supervisor workshop.

Article 5
Applicants for certification renewal shall, three months before the renewal date, renew their certification by mailing to the AHC Secretariat copies of documents (certificates of completion, participation, etc.) indicating that they have completed or participated in all of the courses, etc. listed in Article 4 above. 

Article 6
If, by the deadline for renewal, the applicant has not acquired the required number of credits, he/she shall need to have his/her certification reissued after taking a masterfs course in an AHC certified training program.

@@@@@@The AHC rules, which came into force on October 1, 1995, were revised on April 1, 1996 and again on September 1, 1998.@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@