Outline of the Academy for Health Counseling , a Specified Nonprofit Corporation@

Statement of Reason for Establishing the AHC

Structured Association Technique Counseling

Behavior modification or continuation requires knowing gwhat the real issues are for me nowh and gwhat course of action is best for me?h Whether you are able to develop such awareness or not, depends on the other peoplefs understanding of your feelings and on your ability to establish and maintain relationships and places in which you can engage in self-examination, self-assertion, and self-determination without anxiety. To be able to establish and maintain such relationships and places, it is essential that you learn how to counsel individuals and groups using the structured association technique (SAT). This is so you will be able correctly to understand the other personfs emotions and feelings, thereby establishing appropriate communication that accurately identifies the needs of each individual.

              At AHC, we aim to develop and spread a counseling technique based on SAT. We hope to develop AHC into an academic society for probing what constitutes SAT counseling as a scientific technique and as a research and global educational institute for designing effective training programs in SAT based counseling.

              For information on holding seminars and the like, please contact the Secretariat of the Academy for Health Counseling (AHC) or the Health Counseling Center International (HCC).

              We urge you to acquire the knowledge and technique of SAT counseling and use them for building better human relationships and facilitating your daily work.
@@@@@An AHC certification system is set up as part of the qualification screening mechanism.