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349  mastermind

   a person who is responsible for planning and organizing a difficult or complicated plan

   Bob Geldof, mastermind of the Live 8 concerts to boost awareness of African poverty, ...
     ---(Reuters.com 2005/6/25)

350  make off with

   to take away, especially, steal

   Who made off with the medals at this year's Industrial Design Excellence Awards?
     ---(Businessweek 2005/7/4)

351  in the offing

   likely to happen soon

   Greenspan has been signaling that more rate hikes are in the offing.
     ---(Businessweek 2005/7/4)

352  tune into

   to watch or listen to a broadcast on radio or television

   They had also expected up to two billion people to tune into the show worldwide.
     ---(Reuters.com 2005/7/2)

353  smart from

   to feel upset about
     * smart は「うずく」.通常このように進行形で使う.

   President Jacques Chirac was still smarting from his recent clashes with Tony Blair.
     ---(Reuters.com 2005/7/2)

354  bear down on

   to move toward 〜 in a determined or threatening way

   Strengthened Dennis bears down on Gulf Coast
     ---(USA Today.com 2005/7/9)
     【見出し】 ハリケーン「デニス」勢力を強めてメキシコ湾岸に接近

355  get(be) hooked on

   to feel a strong need for drug, etc. and cannot stop taking it.

   Companies are getting hooked on the buying power of 11 million undocumented immigrants.
     ---(Businessweek 2005/7/18)

356  all told

   altogether, when everyone or everything has been counted

   All told, around 270m Harry Potter books have been sold worldwide.
     (Economist.com   2005/7/15)

357  be saddled with

   to be put in a position where they have to deal with a problem, responsibility, etc.
     * 見出し語としたとおり,受動態で使われるのが一般的.

   The most corruptly governed countries would be saddled with the worst debt repayments.
     (BBC Learning English 2005/7/15)

358  make good on

   to carry out (something) successfully
     * 約束(promise),脅迫(threat)が典型的な目的語.

   To make good on that promise, Merkel will have to deliver more than she is now willing to reveal.
     (Businessweek 2005/7/25)

359  out of sync

   not working well together at exactly the same time and speed

   It would throw U.S. international schedules further out of sync with Europe.
     (USA Today.com 2005/7/22)

360  track down

   to find someone/something, or find information about them, after a difficult or long search.
     * track の最初の意味は「足跡」.→ 動詞では「追跡する」

   It is a blunder that dealt a blow to their efforts to track down militants.
     (Reuters.com 2005/7/23 )

361  kick out

   to send (somebody) away by force
     * やや乱暴な表現なので(throwも同様),使う場面には注意.

   North Korea restarted its Yongbyon nuclear plant, kicking out U.N. inspectors.
     (CNN.com 2005/7/26 )

362  run its course

   to develops naturally and comes to a natual end
     * take its course も同じ.しかるべき経過をたどって終わりを迎える.

   After almost four decades and 3700 funerals its "war" had run its course.
     (The Independent 2005/7/30 )

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