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FreeのiSCSI Targetソフトウェア

動作環境 Windows Server 2003 SP1
.NET 2.0 installed (free download from Windows Update site)
800 Mhz or higher processor
512 MB of RAM
20 MB of disk space for MySAN application data
Separate Windows volume(s) to serve as MySAN iSCSI targets
Ethernet network connection
ダウンロード Nimbus Data Systems, Inc.

動作環境 Windows XP (with Service Pack 2 installed)
800 MHz Intel Pentium III class processor
512 MB of RAM
50 MB of disk space for StarWind application data
Shared disk volume for Windows installation, Windows swap file, StarWind executables and StarWind iSCSI image files
Fast Ethernet connection
ダウンロード Rocket Division Software