* PAIA Polyphony 掲載の製作記事の一部 *

・Build a WA/ANIT-WA pedal(1976/02)
・a lowcost special purpose AR generator (1976/04)
・Guitar/Gnome Interface(1976/04)
・Frequency Divider (1977/07)
・Random Tone Generator (1977/07)
・An Ultra VCO from The4720 (1978/02)
・Modify Your MINI-MOOG (1978/04/05)
・To Phase of to Flanger ..... (1978/04/05)
・Constructing Trigger Delay(1978/07/08)
・experimenting with ANALO DELAY(1978/07/08)
・Touch Switch Theory(1978/09/10)
・voice frequency to voltage converter(1978/11/12)
・using the CA3080(1978/11/12)
・Super VCA(1979/01/02)
・Voice F to V Converter(1979/01/02)
・Sample/Hold AND Noise Source(1979/05/06)
・VCF building blocks(1979/05/06)
・controlling exponential systems(1979/05/06)
・Controlling Exponential Systems(1979/05/06)
・A Hex VCA module(1979/07/08)
・bar graph ICs(LM3914)(1979/07/08)
・Complementaly OutPUT LFO(1979/09/10)
・Using the Equalizer(1979/09/10)
・Phase Modulated Sync(1979/09/10)
・using the new CA3280(1980/01/02)
・exponential the easy way (EKx40)(1980/01/02)
・envelope generators(1980/01/02)
・Build Digital Audio Delay(1980/05/06)
・build a digital VCO(1980/07/08)
・A cordless Programmable Patch-Bay(1980/11/12)
・voltage controlled quadrature OSC.(1980/11/12)
・Build a Pulse Width Multiplier(1981/01/02)
・Build a Quad Sequential SW(1981/01/02)
・audio circuit breaker(1981/01/02)
・rhythm generation its about time(AMI S2566)(1981/03/04)
・tricks with the SN76477(1981/05/06)
・more on SN76477 then supercontroller(1981/09/10)
・VCO deluxe CEM3340(1981/11/12)
・seriles-parallel sum-difference(1981/11/12)
・E-Mu Founder DAVE ROSSUM(1981/11/12)
・VCAs: think simple(CEM3330)(1982/01/02)
・The Story of Gozinda(1982/01/02)
・simple square wave shaper(1982/01/02)
・Touch Switchs Revisited(1982/03/04)
・ADSR the Easy Way(1982/03/04)
・Analog delay Clock/Moduration(1982/03/04)
・The PAL filter(CEM3320)(1982/05/06)
・Digital Filter(1982/05/06)
・SSM2033 and SSM2044(1982/05/06)
・The Snare +Drum Voice(1982/09/10)
・The SSM2011(1982/09/10))
・Tube Pre AMP(1982/09/10))
・Build the Dynamic Touch Controller(1983/02)
・Shepard Functions(1983/02)
・Velocity Touch ?pro-One I/F(1983/02)
・Bus Distribution Module? For Modular Synth.(1983/02)
・Switched-Capacitance Transversal Filters(1983/04)
・Build a Bass Pedal System(1983/04)
・Meet SID 6581 Sound Interface Device (1983/04)
・Log Response Voltage Controlled LFO(1983/04)
・A One Chip ADSR(SSM2056)(1983/06)
・An Electronic SW for Musicians (1983/06)
・The Penultimate Compressor(1983/08)
・gate sample/hold circuit(1983/08)
・micro drums part1(1983/08)
・Asimple drum Synthesizer(1983/08)
・Build the Hip Bass Drum(1983/10)
・micro drums part2(1983/10)
・Build a Quadrature Function Generator(1984/02)
・Build a Just Intonation Generator(1984/02)
・NE572 noise Reduction Unit(1984/02)
・Easy Firing ADSR(CEM3310)(1984/04)
・Low Budget Sequencers(1984/04)
・build a synthesizer delayline (SAD1024)(1984/06)
・The Hi-hat and percussive voice (SN76477/SN94281)(1984/08)
・Synthesizer phase shifter (SSM2040)(1984/10)
・analog delay clock modulation revisited(1984/10)
・quad LED readout(1984/10)
・build An Electric Drum Pad(1984/12)
・build a Voltage Controlled SVF(CEM3330)(1985/04)
・Twin-T test Oscillator(1985/04)