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Attention of E-mail from foreign country( not Japan )

Sorry, if you want to contact with me by e-mail, please keep some following term.
1) Please insert a word "puzzle" or "cube" into e-mail's subject.
I got many spam mail day by day. Then I use spam-cutter, but it's low level filter.
When I got your e-mail, the filter can't classify, and I'll decide to read the e-mail. But MS-windows or MS-mailer-soft have some security holes, if I read the spam mail, my computer is pussible that catch some computer-virus.

If your e-mail subject has avobe word, I may set to the filter "when subject has 'puzzle' or 'cube' word, the e-mail post to me". Of course, I don't interest V.I.A.G.R.A and weightloss and so on. :-P
2) Please e-mail will be made by text.
I use low level mailer usually. It can't open html-mail. (It's a little security:-)
Of course, I can read the html-mail to save to file. But I can't decide to not read the e-mail, and when I read, there is same problem of 1).
3) Please wait my reply-mail more slowly. (Don't expect reply quickly)
Maybe, you know if you look other my pages, I can use or speak English very little and I have some mistakes.
If I got your e-mail in English, I read the e-mail with English-Japanese dictionary. Of course, I can read slowly, and reply is more slowly.

And I come home to my parent's home at the end of the week. (about friday 18:00 - sunday 22:00 in Japanese time)
All the time, I can't read my e-mail or reply to you.

Of course, I try to reply to you as soon as possible I can. But please you don't expect reply quickly.
4) Please don't insert following word "weight" or "viagra" or "money" into e-mail subject.
My spam cutter cut the e-mail includes above words at subject. Because it looks "sells cheap medicine" or "sells viagra" or "financier or money market".
I don't interest them, then I cut all these e-mail. If your e-mail's subject has "cube" or "puzzle" word, your e-mail through my spam cutter usually, but prepare for the contingency.
Of course, my reply mail is so cheap in English and has some mistakes or rude words. Please overlook these mistakes and rude words.
And I hope to point when you found my mistakes or rude words, "this 'xxx' word is wrong, you'll use 'ooo' word". Sorry for your time.
e-mail to Getchan(Hidetoshi,T)