Remodeling puzzles

Concourse photo of remodeling puzzles

Made puzzles are increased relarively. This concourse photo is composed of made puzzles only.
Fromt side's puzzles are existed, and back side's puzzles are original.

Stored case image

The case that was bought at 100-yen shop is just size. Mini size cube can be stored three, and Quadruplets Cube can be stored just.
Introduce some useful tools to use when I'm remodeling some puzzles, making process of remodeling, and original puzzle that I made.
I intention of storing some know-how to use remodeling for future.
Useful tools (update:2006/03/31)
First of all, you try to make some existed puzzles (update:2004/12/15)
I think some remodeled puzzle... (update:2004/06/24)
Variation or expansion of existed puzzle (update:2006/11/09)
Tips (include cut corners' works) (update:2004/10/25)

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