Variation or expanded of existed puzzle

In here, I introduce some puzzles that I made by existed puzzle's expanded or my idea.
I think, these puzzles have some originality. Then you don't make, sell, exhibit these copy, and don't use images in my web site.
If you want to make, or exhibit these copy puzzle, please ask me before make or exhibit by e-mail.

I exhibit these puzzle after permitted the puzzle creater who made original puzzle, or based common shape puzzle.
Please think these reasons to consult when you make these copy.

Stair Cube
Arranged image
Scattered image

I got some hints by "Windmill cube" made by Mr.Okamoto at 3D puzzle reconstruction studio(Japanese only).
"Windmill cube" is original puzzle of Mr.Okamoto, then I got permission to make and exhibit this cube from Mr.Okamoto.

The construction is similarly of 3x3x3 cube, but this cross sections are shifted, then you must arrange by shifted from cube shape.

Real cross sections

It looks shifted, then it's difficult to arrange in different mean.

The name comes from "Windmill cube looks windmill when the puzzle arranged to pane, then this puzzle looks when arranged to pane..."

when arranged to pane

Then I named this cube to "Stair cube".

Quadruplets Cube
Cut surface
Extention image
Scattered Image(1)
Scattered image(2)

I got some hints from "Siamese cube". It's not interest only chain four cubes merely, then I cut one joint and replace to angled parts likes "Octagon". Then you can scatter and arrange from the extended cube.

There are 6 angled parts, then the end of cubes have a parity error. If you will not be care, then you met the effect.

It looks so big, but it was made from mini-cube, then the size is 7cm(w) X 7cm(d) X 3cm(h). It's so little.

The name from quadruplets.

Brick Cube
Real cross section
Scattered image (1)
Scattered image (2)

I made a cube likes magic-domino. I feel complicated to fill the parts' inner, then I based mini-cube in this time too.

At first, I try and finish to polish to limit of inner core, but the part's face can't be finished to square, and it was thought impactless.
Therefore, I finish it to cube shape. Then the long face's ratio of horizontal versus vertical is 1 versus 1.5 length.

I think it's interesting to finish the cube was shifted, then I finish it to shifted position.
The name was from the shifted image looks stacked bricks, then I named it to "Brick Cube".

Of course, It can be rotated all axis. And it was finished to mini-cube size, then

Cube in plastic case

the cube can be stored to plastic case of mini-cube. (left stored cube is Stair Cube)

It has a hole at corner, you can find it in the above image, the hole was used to hook of key-holder. If the hook that looks like "<-O" attach to the hole, the cube becomes keyholder. ;-)

Afterwards, I made a normal size Brick cube. In this time, upper plane's color is white by Mr.Okamoto's suggestion.
The comparison with normal cube, like this image. And comparison with mini-Brick, like this image. It was made from real Rubik's cube, then its movement is so nice.
When it in the case, looks good.

Zock Cube
Image (1)
Image (2)
Real cross section
Scattered image (1)
Scattered image (2)

I made a cube looks like Slim tower, too. It was based mini-cube, too. And it was made with Brick cube, side by side, then the concept is same, too.
Therefore, the long face's ratio is 1:1.5, and large face's ratio is 1.5:1.5 from based face.

I finished it to shifted image, too.
And I worry about the cube's name. At first, the section was looked Japanese AMIDA-KUJI, AMIDA means Amitabha Buddha, and KUJI means lottery. But AMIDA-KUJI can't be called by simple English, and "AMIDA-KUJI Cube" was thought to not fit the image.

Then, I look hard the section, it was looked anywhere...
It is the living image of ZOCK that appeared in first "Mobile Suit GUNDAM".
Then it was named "Zock Cube". ;-)
The mobile suit was appeared only one screen shot, not living one time. The M.S. sortied from mother ship in liver, and put out the head above water, and shot and destroyed by GUNDAM at once. The M.S. was appeared very short-lived, but I memorized it strongly helped with symmetry not only from side to side but also from back to forth.
If you don't particular of GUNDAM, you should search in the network by the keyword "ZOCK GUNDAM", then you can know it.

Of course, it can be rotate all axis likes Brick Cube, And its size is same to mini-cube. Can be stored to case, can be became to keyholder similarly.
But I finished it too loose, it was looked painfully when hanged it. ;-P

Afterwards, I made a normal size Zock cube. In this time, upper plane's color is white by Mr.Okamoto's suggestion, too.
The comparison with normal cube, like this image. And comparison with mini-Zock, and Brick pair, like this image. It was made from real Rubik's cube, then its movement is so nice.

And I got a photo why this cube was named ZOCK.

Bump Cube
Arranged Image
comparison with Stair Cube
Scattered Image
Arranged 1 face (side was not arranged)

Inner core is same with 3x3x3 cube. But its all parts' positions can be decided by not color but height. It was used only black to emphasize that must be decided by height.
I didn't finish (paint the ground, or polish to finish) it, but it has impact when I made it. Then I upload the images. The finishing process is from now.
It has more originality than other (upper) puzzles. ;-)

I based mini cube, all surfaces' height finished from -2mm to +3mm of base plane. Cross pair plane's sum of height calculated to +1mm (-2mm/+3mm,-1mm/+2mm,0mm/+1mm), then the shape was keeped cube, and size was only grown 1mm.
Of course, all plane's height was differed, then there is no parity error.

Parts' position can be decide by height only, then you can arrange by blindfold. I was able to arrange only 1 face with long time, then I append the image to upper.

I think, to more disturb it, stick the cutting sheet to arrange when the shape scattered

And I think, this method can be used to other cube (Square-1, Skewb, and so on), but these are expensive to cut it. Then I think and try now, make covers to cover the cube that made to differ the height (ex. +1mm - +6mm).

The cube's name's possible are "Jigsaw Cube", "Trick Cube", "(to finish white only,)Milk Cube", and so on. ("Escher Cube" was used by picture cube)
But I named it by the cube's scattered shape.

Few months later, I made normal size Bump Cube.

Silvery finished image
Comparison with normal cube. (right is normal Rubik's cube)
Scattered image
1 face was arranged

I finished silver stickers for easy perception about cross section.
But it looks better than finished by black stickers. ;-)
I set so large difference about height, then it looks so strange when scattered it.

Another Grown
Image and Comparison with normal cube
Vertical rotation
Horizontal rotation
Scattered image

I got some hints by "Grown Tower" made by Mr.Okamoto at 3D puzzle reconstruction studio(Japanese only).
I consult about this inner structure to Mr.Okamoto. Then, this puzzle is full actioned but its inner structure differed from 'Grown Tower', and the motion is not completely same. Then I named this puzzle to 'Another Grown'.

The feature is the size. It is constructed to 3x3x5, but the size is smaller than normal size cube, cause this cube was based mini-size cube.

The difference from Grown Tower is a rotate motion when the center was hollowed.

Hollowed center
Rotation when hollowed

Rotate when the center was hollowed, Grown Tower's center don't rotate with extended parts, but Another Grown's center rotate with extended parts.

I made a case for Another Grown. It's only made by 100-yen shop's case and polyurethane sheet to fix the position. But there is a lucky, the size is a little large, then it can be cased when Another Grown was scattered.

In the case
Can be cased when scattered

And I made the extended center to removable, then maintenance becomes so easy.

Maintenance mode

This puzzle can be made easily not normal size cube but mini size cube by some circumstances in inner structure.

Trick Domino Aligned / Twisted
This puzzles are extended from Domino cube. I angled the cross section's edge to corner, then the side view looks like 2x2.
The height / width ratio is not corresponded only cut to angled, then I expanded the height to square / cube ratio.
Side view
There are some variations.
Upper layer and lower layer's cross section is aligned, "Trick Domino Aligned"(call only "Aligned" as from here), The cross section is twisted likes Stair cube, "Trick Domino Twisted"(call only "Twisted" as from here).
And cross section is mirrored, "Trick Domino Mirror-Twisted", Similarly mirrored, but consequences only changed colors, "Trick Domino Mirror-Aligned" variations can be make.
But I made former two variations this time.

Arranged "Aligned" Arranged "Twisted" (It looks similarly of "Aligned" view)
Vertical rotating of "Aligned"
Real cross section of "Twisted" Vertical rotating of "Twisted"
Scattered image of "Aligned" Scattered image of "Twisted"

I think, it has some originality.
The subsequent name "Aligned" and "Twisted" is worried to me and my around persons.
Finally, I consult to Vadim (I mailed him by other subjects), and I got some his opinions, then I decided the subsequent names.
Of course, there were some candidates before, but I think to get across the subsequent names in English speaking area.

"Twisted" keeps cube shape when scattered, and "Aligned" changes shape when scattered. It's a little strange.
And "Twisted" is angled the cross section, then it can't be arranged easily to pane pattern. (Must arranged to pane pattern from first)
"Aligned" can be arranged easily to pane pattern.
Pane patterned "Aligned"
And a little angled, the shape becomes so nice.
And all parts' side color becomes only one, then it can be arranged voluntary.
Other colors arranged pattern
In this connection, compare to normal size Domino cube likes following image.
The height becomes a little high, and width becomes more little.

And I cased it.
It looks so good. I want to use this case to its case.

Calendar Cube

design of character stickers

There is no originarity about puzzle, but I made it for training when I bought sticker cutting machine, then I upload it incidentally.

This puzzle are used to arrange the month, day, day of the week, likes daily calendar. It was used only one face, then there are no relish for puzzle.

I made the sticker to clip character shape from the back color sticker, and make the character shape's other color's sticker, and the back blanks were filled by the latter stickers.
And I selected Japanese old character and name to the month and day's representation.

Equivalent table of Japanese old character, name and English

And I selected the font to Japanese writing brush font.

The conclusion that separated seals are turned over so easily, then I felt, it was needed protection seals.

Few months later, I made Japanese-English Calendar cube.
It was written by KANJI characters with English ruby / agate. British English 'Ruby' means 'Agate' in American English.

In Japan, several years ago, Japanese printer wrote KANA at the right side of KANJI to show how to pronounce.
When they wrote the KANA pronunciation, they used 5.5 point script. The size was similary of 'Ruby' size in English printer.
Then, Japanese calls the pronunciation to 'RUBI' from 'Ruby'. This is a little trivia. ;-)

Background image

The pronunciation is a little unreasonable, but when I presented this Calendar cube who was consulted about English pronunciation, the adviser likes it. :)

Alexander's Star sticker variation
Arranged image (1)
Arranged image (2)
Rotating image

Alexander's Star is so strange puzzle, but arranged image is a little poor.
Then I arranged to 12 colors vertices.
This is not changed about solution, but its look is so different.

Diamond Triacontahedron
Arranged image (1)
Arranged image (2)
Rotating image
Scattered image

This is Rhombic Triacontahedron.
The plane is similar of Diamond Dodecahedron (Rhombic Dodecahedron from 3x3x3), then I named it to 'Diamond Triacontahedron'.

Carter made another Triacontahedron.
But base cube is different, then the movement and solution is different, too.

Right is Carter's Triacontahedron

And I made 6 colors variation.
It has a parity error by flat edge parts, but all corners are fixed their relative positions.

The shape likes sphere, and cross sections are nearly to surface, then it is so difficult to play. X-)

Ultimate variations
Ultimate professor
Ultimate variations

I got the 'STIKA', then I can make some stickers easily.
Then I made Ultimate type stickers for 4x4x4 and 5x5x5.
It needs to solve center's relative position, then it becomes a little difficult from normal cubes.

Diving Dodecahedron
Arranged image
Rotating image (1)
Rotating image (2)
Scattered image

I think of this idea from Overlapping Cube.
The middle edge parts is not overlap of Overlapping cube but diving into the sharped center, then I named it to this name.

This puzzle can't easily to find its cross sections, but this puzzle's all parts move freely ( Overlapping Cube's three center edges are fixed to center core, and all centers are fixed too).

That is to say, fixed area can't identify from its surface, then the diving edges can't be identified when rotate it.
And when use normally 4x4x4 or 5x5x5 solution, the fixed area was shifted when edge's rotation. It'll be sure to panic.

... Of course, I can't solve it. Then I made it to disassemble. X-)

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