Try to make a new remodeled puzzle

I got some assembly-cubes, then I try to make a new remodeled puzzle.

First, I try to expand a 3x3x3 normal cube.
I use this assembly-cube. Just I ordered other puzzles, then I append to order the cube and similar 4x4x4, 5x5x5 assembly-cube.

When I received the cube, it's disassembled. (I'm helpful without I disassembled them.)

First, peel the plastic-tile from parts.
Use thin-edged cutter knife, cut the glue between tile and parts little by little.
When use the cutter, take care not to make a nick.

Only, all green tile were broken when peeling. (Other color tile is all right)
Is it problem of used paint ?

If you use sealed cube, you peel the seal only.
If the seal glue was stayed on the parts, about removed with tissue paper, and finished by eraser. Be rubbing by eraser, the glue removed clearly.
Now, I try to expand to Octagon.
I think, all vertices to expand likes pyramid, cause vertices are six.
Trial to use thin plastic plate, join temporarily by Scotch tape.

...uum, Vaguely, I think it's not to expand octagon...
Then I imagine the final shape ... it's a 'Diamond Dodecahedron'!
Two equilateral triangles compose lozenge, 24-triangles compose 12-lozenges. Yes, it's irregular dodecahedron.
By way of parenthesis, true expanded octagon is 'Trajber's Cube'.
... Conceive these expansion normally ...
The way of original expanded puzzle is so faraway.
It's on the world by 3x3x3 cube based variation, I change the base cube to master-cube(4x4x4). And I consider and try to the cube expand to Dodecahedron.

Calculate a equilateral pentagon is so complicate (:-P), I use a drawer soft 'HANAKO' cause I worked at J.S.:-)
Draw a equilateral pentagon and sectional line to use master-cube, and printed out a seal-paper, and seal to thin plastic plate.

Next, cut off from the plate, and check the image by the parts join to master-cube. The shape is like to ...

Scratched part's calculation is so complicate, then I try without cut some parts this time. (Only some scratched parts join to master-cube)
Really, Cut the corner to small the shape, but calculation is so difficult.

Next time, make some scratched parts by this plastic parts.
Corner parts required 3 same parts, 4 positions, and mirrored parts 3 x 4 positions.
Edge parts required 4 same parts, 6 surfaces, and 2 parts x 6 surfaces, and mirrored 2 x 6.
Center parts required 4 parts x 6 surfaces.
... I sicken of these parts ... X-(
I try to make an archetype.
The parts appropriated by the used pentagonal plastic plate and Scotch tape. The Scotch tape combined with peel material.
Epoxy-putty use this way then effortless. Unite without Scotch tape, and exchange easily.

Upper part used when image the shape.
Lower 3 parts are corner and edge archetype. Upper-right part is half-finished center archetype. To join 2 trapezoids, Coating inner by Scotch tape, then finished archetype.

Now, 3 archetype was finished. 4th archetype is making, 5th and 6th archetype is mirrored, then make only 2 same parts.

Fix the direction, archetype is making, I can see the goal dimly, then I named temporarily this cube.
Equilateral 'dodecahedron', and expanded from 'master-cube', then ... I named 'Dodeca-Master'.
The name likes 'Deka-Master' in the Deka-Ranger. ('Deka' means police-man in Japan.) :-P
Yes, of course, I point the name, a little.
For the time being, Check the archetype with epoxy-putty. First, 2 parts.
Fill in the archetype with epoxy-putty, I wait to firm up the putty.

Epoxy-putty is so sticky, then I bought gloves made by polyethylene. (The putty is not sticky to polyethylene)
Upper cylindrical case is the putty case. This time use a Cemedine-Corp.-made epoxy-putty. Outside is main putty, inside is calcify-putty. Only cut to use volume, and knead. It's so easy.
The gloves fell through at once. ;-(
I worry, I throw away the glove each time...

The putty firmed up effectively (about 4 or 5 hours), take off from archetype, and cut off the rest of scratched parts. It's soft and easy to cut the rest at 4 or 5 hours later. But can't polish.

Next time, scratch 2 parts. Then scratched parts gathered 1 line.

The putty is superior, or it's regular, there are some Scotch tape imprint.

The day after, the putty is so hard. Then be able to polish.

The epoxy-putty parts is difficult to take off from archetype. Not stuck to archetype by Scotch tape, but cling too hard.
... Is it easy to make scratch parts by resin-cast ...
I found a good polyester putty in DIY-shop.

It uses for cars usually, but the color is dark-gray, I bought and try the putty to make the scratch parts.
And I remake some mold.

I try the putty at once.
Main putty and calcify material squeeze same length from tube, and mixed the two materials, and into the molds.
It's more soft than epoxy-putty (it's nearly hard whip cream?), it's so easy to put the mold.
It harden by chemical change, then to go out very little.

But It smells very bad. Almost, the smell is solvent. You are careful of the solvent, and use at air flowing area. I'm accustomed to work in the smell, then I work in the window opened room.

The putty harden about 2 or 3 hours, and remove the leaving putty by thin-edged cutter (for example, design-knife), and take off from the mold.
The feeling of the putty is more good than the epoxy-putty.

The surfaces are so slick, and color is near the master-cube color, and take off easily from the mold, well, the putty is so good.
I try to make one set of the molds and stick to the master-cube by double sided tape (is this description right?).

It seems good. And I make 2nd set, and stick to the cube, too.

The rotation image is likes ...

I learned the putty, the phenomenon problems on the www, it's so bubbly.

You must fill in the bubbles by the putty, but the putty is easy to use. It's not quite problem. You make it to fill after take off from the mold.

And I learned the mold is a little small, then I'll remake the mold to a little large by a thick plastic plate.
There is no problem of use the Scotch tape to peel material. The putty's surface is so slickly, perhaps you don't need polish the surface. When painting or seeling it, I must adjust the parts. But I decided to use this putty. I can get so easy, it's sold at DIY-shop or car-goods shop.
In addition, I made more 1 set of scratch parts. And I'm printed a pentagonal seal when I make the molds, then I sealed it to the cube.

Yes, it's felt so good.
In addition, I made more 1 set of scratch parts, too. And I remake the mold, and append the center and edge scratch part's mold.
The scratched parts put on to the puzzle, and seal is removed.

Then, the putty is empty. I used the putty beyond expectation.
I don't make half of the scratch parts, then I must buy the putty 2 sets. I'll go to buy the putty someday.
I made all append parts finally.
Still I can't adjust all parts, but I assembled it.

Rotation image likes below image.

When I made the append parts, I failed to make the parts by filled putty. Make a hole and so on, I should think to lighten the parts.
And the rotation balance is so bad. The append parts don't turn, then the rotation plane's ratio is bad.

I'll try to append putty to hollow spot, polish the parts, and paint it. It's so long distance to goal.
Expansion is continued...
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