There are about 80 species, subspecies of stag beetles in Japan. I would like to introduce 10 well known kinds of them here to you. Large ones are often sold in pet shops. In old days as I was a kid there were not so many kinds listed in pictorial books. Many new species and subspecies have been added since then. Please be generous even if there are some mistakes in the descriptions of their life or in their academic names, as I am an amateur. Only some 10 years ago, it became our knowledge that the stag beetle pupa turns into the imago a year before it goes out of their pupa chamber in the summer. There are yet a lot of mysteries of their classification and their life styles. As for those kinds that are found on the market, I quoted their prices. This business has been established because it is getting more expensive to go gathering them by yourself. I myself bought some as well as gathering them for raising. I am not a dealer. Spending my bonus for stag beetles, aggravating my wife, I am becoming a stag beetle fool. I hear many farthers get enchanted in this hobby though they start it for their kids in the beginning. Why don't you waste your fortune to join us ?

Dorcus rectus"Ko kuwagata"Little stag beetle

Dorcus rubrofemoratus"Aka ashi kuwagata"Red leg stag beetle

Prosopocoilus inclinatus"Nokogiri kuwagata"Saw stag beetle

Lucanus maculifemoratus"Miyama kuwagata"Deep mountain stag beetle

Dorcus platymelus"Hirata kuwagata"Flat stag beetle

Dorcus hopei "Oo kuwagata"Giant stag beetle

Dorcus montivagus"Hime oo kuwagata"Queen giant stag beetle

Prismognathus angularis"Oni kuwagata"Demon stag beetle

Dorcus striatipennis"Suji kuwagata"Stripe stag beetle

Dorcus metacostatus"Sujibuto hirata kuwagata"Wide stripe stag beetle