Insect, the wonderful formation beauty and strong vital power is not accidental product.

Links to page which made insect theme.

This is a Japanese live insect shop. Breeding material for Stag beetle's larva and imago.


Welcome to Japan!

Web pages of JAPAN (Beetle)

Stag beetles.NEW URL
If you Japanese can be understood, it will be able to make obtains knowledge many of Stag beetle

Oo kuwagata is!
You can make sees Oo kuwagata to move. There is an article of motor cycle race, too.

Page of stag beetle
Breeding Japanese of stag beetle and book introduction.
There is introduction of Maselatty of Italian car and Suger glider, too.

Shall we go to the forest.
Collection method of Stag beetle. Breeding method of Stag beetle

Mr.Sato's page of stag beetle.
Breeding of Giant stag beetle and Flat stag beetle.
Introduction of personal computer PC-100.

You can see ecology of Queen giant stag beetle.
There aer many photo's other kind of stag beetle,too.

There are many kind of Giant stag beetle's corner

Insect information transmission base
Mr.Gongitune's beetle infomation site. It intoroduce books,shops,and insect web pages. He likes water bugs.

The stag beetle exploration island in the world
Mr.Nakagawa's pages.Specimen introduction of a foreign Rino beetles and stag beetles.
It registers with Yahoo!Kids and is a page gentle to Kids.

Stag beetles of Hukushima plifactuer
Mr.Adachi's stag beetle site.It intoroduce stag beetles of Hukushima plifactuer.
It has Chat room,BBS.There is intoroduction of Iizaka supa,too.

coelacanth's home page
Mr.Endo's web pages. He made my Engilish pages. Fabrication news network is fun.

A gift from the forest
This is online stag beetle's shop.The design is cool!

Rarity・beauty insects in the world
It is home page of agricultural・fishing industry know-how organization.You can see 29 kinds of stag beetle.

Nishihara insect museum
You can see beautyful insects from all of the world.

Web pages of JAPAN (Butterfly, Moth)

Mr.Denis's butterfles site. How grate insect links isn't it!!

Hetero world home page
Mr.Gakichi's moth site. Every week update. Nice picturs.

Web pages of foreign countries (Beetle)

Insects PhotoCollection
Mr.Stamatis's insect site.There is Lucanus cerves.

Stag Beetles of Taiwan
He is makeing web pages of Taiwan stag beetles, now. Show me more Taiwan beetles!

Beetles of Korea
This web page is Mr.Young-Chul Chang in Korea. It is beetle page where a photo is very beautiful.

Mr.Bochdansky & Mr.Kriftner made this web pages. It's cool picturs.Clik centoeal the rinobeetle.

 Insect Specimens from Ianni EnterprisesNEW URL
There is no photos. But there is many dead spcimens list.Wow! I found Lucanus elephas.

Allen Sundholm's  Entomology Web PagesNEW URL
Let's exchange insect specimens!

Mr.Ricardo's beetle web page.

Mr.Milan's beetle breeding room.You can meet many Slovakian beetle friends.

Exotische Insekten
German beetle site.

Insects of the former Soviet Union
You can get USSR's insects.

You can see the full "Check-List of Latvian Coleoptera"and the "List of Protected Coleoptera in Latvia"
Do you like beetle? You must see this site.

The evolution and the life cycle of the stagbeetle
Mr. Christer's Swedish stag beetle site. You can see moving Lucanus cervus.

THAIS Entomologia/Entomology
I was surprised at the many beetle photos and the quality.

Proyecto Ciervo volante (Lucanus cervus)
Here is a good photo of Lucanus cervus.Thank you for link withmy site!

Handcrafted Beetle Sculpture
Ms.Diane Buettner&Ms.Sharron Kree making beautiful Beetle Sculptures.

Mr.Petr Curik's flower beetle site.
Mr.Yiming's on line insect shop.

Dermestidae (Coleoptera) 
Mr.Andreas Herrmann's Dermestidae site.Please, don't eat my specimens.

Mr.Tom Shoha made insect page!

Insects from the Palaearctic regionNEW 
Mr.Andre  Gorodinski's web page. There are nice  description of Cerambycidae.