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Previously I promised to pigeonhole my stag beetle pictures to construct a library. But it seems to take much more effort than I thought to classify everything. So I decided to put only foreign stag beetle pictures into a database as "Stagbeetle diorama club". It may be useful when you try to remember certain species. The special corner for contribution photographs is renamed as "Beetles' jungel" and stays as is. You never know what's in there until you actually click on it as I would accept any picture of large coleoptera without classifying them into genres. I am calling widely for any contribution. Your e-mailed JPEG will be instantly put in the page. I am thinking of a little gift for contributors, too. From now on, you are already a member of the Beetle's jungle staff ! (O.O)/

Title:Mr.Szczepan Ziarko's fine art2.
Very cute! He sent me this picture from Porland.
111.jpg(45KB)Drowing stag beetle2
Title:Mr.Szczepan Ziarko's fine art1.
Mr.Szczepan Ziarko is a longhorn beetle's collecter.
110.gif(54KB)Drowing stag beetle1
Title:Mr.Murakami's photo3.
Lucanus maculifemoratus62mm
109.jpg(67KB)Lucanus maculifemoratus
Title:Mr.Murakami's photo2.
Dorcus rectus 48mm
108.jpg(69KB)Dorcus rectus 
Title:Mr.Murakami's photo1.
Dorcus platymelus60mm He got this stag beetle in Hiroshima.
107.jpg(66KB)Dorcus platymelus
Title:A classic photo of stag beetle.
Dr.Carlo CENCINI sent me this classic photo from Italy.
106.jpg(49KB)Lucanus cervus
Title:Mr.Oohara sent me this photo from Hong kong.
Red spot is very nice.
105.jpg(108KB)Plosopocoilus bibragiatus
Title:Mr.Milan's video collection8
This is a male of Lucanus cervus. It's looking good!
104.jpg(28KB)Lucanus cervus 
Title:Mr.Milan's video collection7
Xylotrupes gideon has many sub species. This Xylotrupes gideon came from Borneo Island.
103.jpg(32KB)Xylotrupes gideon 
Title:Mr.Milan's video collection6
This is a Pupa of Xylotrupes gideon's male. 
102.jpg(32KB)Xylotrupes gideon 
Title:Mr.Milan's video collection5
Potosia aeruginosa@looks like Japanese "Tuya hanamuguri".
101.jpg(43KB)Potosia aeruginosa 
Title:Mr.Milan's video collection4
This beetle is polyphemus flower beetle.The image is African.
100.jpg(45KB)Chelorrhina polyphemus-male
Title:Mr.Milan's video collection3
Gideon rino beetle has many sub specise.This rino beetle lives in Borneo Island.
99.jpg(55KB)Xylotrupes gideon borneensis
Title:Mr.Milan's video collection2
Eudicella woermani looks like Japanese "KANABUN". But the male has a horn on their head.
98.jpg(46KB)Eudicella woermani woermani
Title:Mr.Milan's video collection1
Eudicella smithi has two color type. One is Green. One is Red.
97.jpg(48KB) Eudicella smithi bertherandi
Title:Mr.F.B.Magpie's trip of Sabah4His trip report. 
Up side is a Chalcosoma atlas. Botom side is a Chalcosoma caucasus.
96.jpg(123KB)Chalcosoma caucasus Male and Chalcosoma atlas 
Title:Mr.F.B.Magpie's trip of Sabah3
"Don't move!Don't move!!" Allways takeing photo is hard job.
95.jpg(54KB)Chalcosoma caucasus Male and Female
Title:Mr.F.B.Magpie's trip of Sabah2 
Japanese calls Odontorabis demon gloss stag beetle.
94.jpg(80KB)Odontorabis gazella Male 
Title:Mr.F.B.Magpie's trip of Sabah1
Mr.F.B.Magpie went to Borneo. Someday, I want to go Borneo.
93.jpg(61KB)Odontorabis femoralis Male and Female 
Title:Bison saw stag beetle(small jaw type) 
The small jaw type looks like female. But he don't weak. 
92.jpg(65KB) Prosopocoilus bison Male
Title:Red saw stag beetle(middle jaw type) 
This stag beetles is common species in malaysia.
91.jpg(72KB)Plosopocoilus astacoides
Title:Mr.F.B.Magpie's Long-armed Scarab 
Does Long-armed Scarab fly like rhino-beetle? 
89.jpg(65KB)Formosan Long-armed Scarab (female) Cheirotonus macleayi formosana 
Title:Mr.F.B.Magpie's Formosan Stag-horned Beetle.
Is there Stag-horned Beetle in TAIWAN? Stag-horned Beetle isn't living in JAPAN.
88.jpg(22KB)Formosan Stag-horned Beetle (male) Dicranocephalus bourgoini 
Title:Mr.F.B.Magpie's summer collection.
Mr.F.B.Magpie raises like this.
His page "F.B.Magpie Home Page"
87.jpg(39KB)His collections
Title:Mr. Shohara's Lucanus mazama.
They are not acttivity.Almost they doesn't move.
86.jpg(62KB)Lucanus mazama
Title:Mr. Shohara's Lucanus mazama.
Pupas became imago in appril.
85.jpg(74KB)Lucanus mazama male
Title:Love nest of Sinodendron.
They was making thire nest.It's long tonnel. 
84.jpg(79KB)Nest of Sinodendron
Title:Uoops! I'm Sorry.
They are making love now. I never want to peep. Sorry, Sinodendron!
83.gif(36KB)Sinodendron's mating.
Title:Yucca weevil's back. 
Yucca weevil's back has stripes.
82.jpg(18KB)Yucca weevil
Title:Yucca weevil's upview.
They look like single jaw Chibi-kuwagata.
81.jpg(21KB)Yucca weevil
Title:Mr. Shohara's Yucca weevil.
They eat Yucca.I gave apple. They eaten apple too. 
80.jpg(18KB)Yucca weevil
Title:Sinodendron's breeding container.
I'm feeding Sinodendron like this.
79.jpg(22KB)Sinodendron's breeding container.
Title:Mr. Shohara's Sinodendron rugosum
The name is stag beetle.But they look like tiny rhino-beetle.
78.jpg(49KB)Sinodendron rugosum Male
Title:Mr. Shohara's American rhino-beetle ?
Gorgeous horn can be observed from the side.
77.jpg(33KB) Xyloryctes jamaicensis 
Title:Mr. Shohara's American rhino-beetle?
The title is my original. It well resembles the Taiwan-rhino-beetle.
76.jpg(34KB) Xyloryctes jamaicensis 
Title:Horned drone beetle caught in Mr. Shohara's back yard.
You see that from its side ? The exquisite curve attracts me, too!
75.jpg(30KB)Cotinis mutabilis 
Title:Horned drone beetle caught in Mr. Shohara's back yard.
The surface is frosting green but its reverse side is vivid metallic. How fashionable!
74.jpg(23KB)Cotinis mutabilis 
Title:Bicolor thin red stagbeetle
Its hilariously long antennae are the characteristic of this kind.
73.jpg(28KB) Cycromatus bicolor male 
Title:Mr. Shohara's Grant white rhino-beetle
A large grant white rhino-beetle is gorgeous when observed from the side.
72.jpg(17KB) Dynastes granti male 
Title:Mr. Shohara's Grant white rhino-beetle
Large one has horns that are similar to those of Hercules rhino-beetle.
71.jpg(17KB) Dynastes granti male 
Title:Mr. Shohara's Grant white rhino-beetle
Mr. Shohara of California caught this one in Arizona.
70.jpg(24KB) Dynastes granti male 
Title:Peleng metallifer
"Karakaneookiba (metallic large mandible)" or "Metallifer thin red" stagbeetle.
69.jpg(60KB) Cyclommatus metallifer 
Title:Papua Hirata
It doesn't look like Hirata (Dorcus titanus) in Japan. From New Guinea.
68.jpg(54KB) Dorcus arfakianus
Title:Taiwan Oo-kuwagata
It can be differentiated from the Japanese Dorcus curvidens by the shape of its chest. I'd say "Junior Grandis".
67.jpg(81KB) Dorcus formosanus
Title:Lumawi Nokogiri
From Mindanao. The edge of the wings looks yellowish but it is actually a belt of short hair.
66.jpg(47KB) Plosopocoilus lumawigi
Title:Occipitalis Nokogiri
From Sulawesi island. shree-spotted Nokogiri.
65.jpg(54KB) Plosopocoilus occipitalis
Title:Yellow spotted stag beetle
From Vietnam. The shape of its mandibles is gorgeous. It really resembles the horns of a stag.
64.jpg(78KB) Rhetulus speciosus
Title:Daioo(emperor) Hirata
I heard that there are no Oo-hirata but only Daioo hirata instead in Jawa island.
63.jpg(29KB) Dorcus bucephalus