Friday, June 11

The next destination was Hlavenka Karol's home in the city of Malacky
which is about 50km away from Bratislava.  I was totally shocked to
see a specimen of Lucanus cervus of the astonishing size of 95mm here.
Every Slovakian beetle-lover has their own self-made specimen boxes
nicely set on the wall.  Yes, I was very much impressed.

Hlavenka Karol and his wife.

The one in the middle is the 95mm-sized Lucanus cervus.
He said he collected it 12 years ago in a nearby forest.
There are some forests in the vicinity that were entirely
undisturbed during the 1960s.

I can't convey even half of its real  dignity by a mere picture.
It looked like a totally different living thing from a regular 70mm
Lucanus cervus.
The Lucanus cervus here is also large.
It is a 90mm-class beetle.

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