June 10th Thursday

They say they have about 50 bug friends in Slovakia.
They have a monthly meeting with bug friends from all over the country.
This time, they got together to welcome a beetle fiend coming all the way from Japan!
Thank you so very much.
They are planning an 8-member Slovakian collection tour to Borneo island in 2001.
They asked me to join them!
They also have a yearly international meeting with friends from nearby countries.
Coming from an isolated island country, I envy them the ease with which they get together even
though their languages may differ.

The forest behind Milan's appartment house.
I found a female of Lucanus cervus 
at the spot marked by the arrow.
A female Lucanus cervus walking on the ground.
I never expected to see one so easily.
>From the left, Michal Polaczyk, Ivan Polaczyk, Dusan Catlos, Bohm Karol
Michal Polaczyk is Ivan's elder brother. 
Dusan Catlos goes all the way to
 the Balkan peninsula to collect Carabus.
 "Please stay at our place next year" they say.
Do they really mean it?
The book in Bohm Karol's hand is "Fun breeding of stag beetles" by Seibido press.
Do you recognize the monthly Mushi magazine ad on the back page?
Upper left Milan Polaczyk, me, Jana Polaczykova, Milan Strba
Lower left Hlavenka Karol, Dusan Catlos, Ivan Polaczyk
Jana Polaczykova is Milan Polaczyk's wife. 
The family name of a wife is created by adding -ova at the end of 
husband's name in Slovakia. 
Milan Strba is a specialist of Cleridae. 
Hlavenka Karol was so nice to bring many Lucanus cervus he had collected 
for me. 
Dusan Catlos is a speciallist of Carbidae. 
Ivan Polaczyk is the second son of Milan Polaczyk
And I am a Lucanidae stalker.
Hlavenka Souvenir that Karol was kind enough to bring 
Many the Stag beetles of yearning. 

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