Shige's 1966 First Fasty

Volkswagen Type3 Fastback VW1600TL

In 2001, I was looking for Volkswagen Type3 fastback, but no good condition of fastback found at VW shops in Japan. After few days, I found very good condition of 1966 fastback on the web. I contacted to Mr. Paul, Type3 Detectives(T3D) which shop is very famous Type3 shop located in UK. I got some good photo of the fastback from him, then decided to buy from T3D. I tried to import the car from UK to Japan by myself, got contract with forwarder, made many paper work at Yokohama custom, then I got the car. The fastback is really good car, I wanna keep driving with good condition and enjoy driving and maintain the fastback future!

all original body paint - L663 VW blue, installed Porsche 914 Pedrini wheel, German NOS over rider, and door finger plates.

"VW1600TL" logo, amber/red flat tale rens, red/clear side marker are german spec. installed stainless Abarth style exhaust.

very clean dash pad, installed Yanase GT steering wheel, NOS cocos mats, Hurst shifer, and VDO tachometer.

original german spec seats original german spec back seat very rare 1966 only design of original door panel

Blaupunkt radio, it works. original engine cover and pad, printed in German. non OH 120,000km engine, 12V exchanged.

first photo of the fastback shipped from UK by T3D.