3.I Cover The Waterfront
4.I Love You
5.Stompin' At The Savoy
6.Watch What Happens
7.Joe's Blues
8.El Gento
9.Ode To Billy Joe
10.Lil' Darlin'

Joe Pass-(guitar); Eberhard Weber-(bass); Kenny Clare-(drums)
Recorded at MPS-Tonstudio in Villingen, June 8~10 1970.
· Joe told about this series of MPS recording on "Melody Maker" magazine.
"In 1970 I visited to come over to do a couple of albums with Art Van Damme. And they said I could do one of my own if they had the time, which they did. I'd never been here, and it had been one of my dreams. Like 'If I could only go to Europe and just see what it's like.' Because I'm no't only interested in the music, but in the food and the buildings, the general culture, you know. So when they asked me, I said ' Right. What time do we leave ?' And when I got here I had such a good experience. I was only here four days: three days in Germany and the fourth in Paris, then right back. " (from "Melody Maker" April 19, '75)

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