1.Play With Fire
2.19th Nervous Breakdown
3.I Am Waiting
4.Lady Jane
5.Not Fade Away
6.Mother's Little Helper
7.( I Can't Get No ) Satisfaction
8.Paint It, Black
9.What A Shame
10.As Tears Go By
11.Stone Jazz

Joe Pass-(guitar); Dennis Budimir, John Pisano-(guitars); Bill Perkins-(tenor); Milt Bernhardt, Dick Hamilton, Herbie Harper-(trombones); Gale Martin-(bass trombone); Bob Florence-(piano); Chuck Berghofer-(bass); John Gain-(drums); Victor Feldman-(percussion): arrenged & conducted by Bob Florence.
Recorded on July 20, 1966, L.A.
· According to Alun Morgan's info on "Jazz Journal"(Nov.'76), the musicians are like bellow.(Jan. 26, '02)
Tommy Pedersen, Herbie Harper,Vern Frily-(trombone); Bill Perkins-(tenor & baritone); Bob Florence-(piano & arrengement); Victor Feldman-(percussion & piano); Joe Pass-(guitar); Dennis Budimir-(rhythm guitar); Chuck Berghofer-(bass); Frankie Capp-(drums)

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