14.CATCH ME! (PJ-73)

1.Falling In Love With Love
3.Mood Indigo
4.Catch Me
5.Just Friends
6.Walkin' Up
7.But Beautiful
8.No Cover No Minimum
9.You Stepped Out Of A Dream

Joe Pass-(guitar); Clare Fischer-(piano & organ); Albert Stinson-(bass); Colin Bailey-(drums); Stinson and Bailey are replaced by Ralph Pena-(bass) & Larry Bunker-(drums) on 3, 7 & 9.
· This album was reissued as 'The Complete "Catch Me" sessions' from Blue Note label(LT-1053). It includes 2 more sessions;
10. Catch Me (Alternate Take)
11.Days Of Wine And Roses
Joe Pass-(guitar); Clare Fischer-(piano & organ); Ralph Pena-(bass) & Larry Bunker-(drums)
Recorded at Paciffic Jazz Studios in Hollywood, Summer, 1963.
· We can say this is the first leader album of Joe Pass.
· Joe plays acoustic guitar on 7 & 11.

· Pacific Jazz issued single record at the same time.
Side A is "Days Of Wine And Roses" and Side B was titled as "Forward Pass". "Forward Pass" is the alternate take of "Catch Me".(Joe named the tune as "Forward Pass", but the producer, Dick Bock, changed the title to "Catch Me")
There are no difference between these tracks on the single version and 'The Complete "Catch Me" sessions' except piano solo part of "Forward Pass" was edited as half size at the single version.(July 29, '01)

· Mosaic Records issued 5 CD box set of Joe Pass on July, 2001. There are some unissued recording from this session.
13. It's All Right With Me
14. Deep Purple
15. Tangerine
16. There Will Never Be Another You
17. Bags' Groove
18. There Is No Greater Love
19. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
20. Peri's Scope

According to the liner note of Mosaic,
Joe Pass-(guitar); Clare Fischer-(piano & organ); Ralph Pena-(bass); Larry Bunker-(drums); Pena & Bunker are replaced by Albert Stinson-(bass) & Colin Bailey-(drums) on 20.
But it's not correct except "20".
I asked to Clare Fischer about that and he kindly gave me the answer that he DIDN'T play on from 13 to 19. So the personnel of 13 to 19 are unknown except Joe. So the recording date showing bellow might have some mistakes. Thanks for your kindness, Clare !! (Feb, 17, '03)

Colin Bailey gave me gave me the info of this recording.
" . . . . 13 through 16 are correct, Ralph Pena on Bass and Larry Bunker on drums. 17-18- 19 is definately Jim and me, on Bags Groove, No Greater Love and 1000 Eyes. Peri scope is from the Catch me album. They really got the personell wrong. I don't know when those three tracks were recorded, we used to do a lot of recording in the early 60's, and some of it was never released."
So the personell of 13 to 16 might Ralph Pena-(bass); Larry Bunker-(drums); unknown-(piano)
17 to 19 Jim Hughart-(bass); Colin Bailey-(drums); unknown-(piano)

(Jul. 20, '03) Thanks Colin !!

· Joe plays acoustic guitar on 14 to16.
· Mosaic's Discography show us recording date as bellow.
7, 9, 10 & 11 were recorded on Jan. 30,1963.
3, 13 & 14 were recorded on Feb. 4, 1963
15 to 19 were recorded on (probably) Feb., 1963
5, 6 8 & 20 were recorded on Jul. 18, 1963
1, 2 & 4 were recorded on Jul. 19, 1963.
The recording place is Pacific Jazz Studios LA, Cal.(July 29, '01) · Please check at #20-1(The box set)

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