My Introduction

   Tabo with "Mimi"(2006)
I was not a collector of Joe Pass but a friend of his. But I felt that I have to do something good for Joe's family and his friends after I attended Joe's funeral (May 27, 1994).
It came to me that compiling Joe's all records and making his discography must be some good things. So I started to reserach which albums Joe took part in and collect them all. It took about 1 year to collect those records and finally I made 50 copies of all hand made booklet named "The Works of Joe Pass", and sent them to Joe's family, his friends and my friends.
In 1996, Ed Benson of "Just Jazz Guitar" magazine took my discography on their June issue.
Soon after the magazine was issued, Ian MacGregor -the secretary of "The Jazz Guitar Society of WA"- gave me a letter and I could knew there are more albums on which Joe took part in. (He is a fan and a friend of Joe, and has almost every Joe's records) Ian gave me great information. And again, I tried to collect albums which I missed and it cost me a lot. Why did I collect them all? Because I have believed if you want to compile the discography, you have to listen all records in the first place. It is also a joy for me that hearing Joe's past playing that I didn't know.
After finishing "collect and compile" work, I made my 2nd edition of "The Works of Joe Pass" and sent copies as the same way in autumn of 1998.
Then I recieved many requests wanting to buy the copies, but it took many hours to print out, and I don't want to SELL them anyway. Then I remembered that my provider allows me up to 50MB free web site. So I decided to make my own web site named "Joe Pass Memorial Hall".
Now you can see all albums in which Joe took part in, with cover jacket.(I have learned HTML language only for 4 months by myself, so there must be incovinient parts, please be patient !)

I want to appreciate Yuki Ando, Masaru Fujisaki, Takaaki & Yoshihiro Ochiai for helping me to make my booklet; Colin Bailey for correcting the contents and giving me information; Chico Curzio & Jose Domingos for serchig and giving me the rare record which Joe took part in; Charles C. Emory for giving me information about Concord Record; Jim Hughart & John Pisano for giving me information and never ending friendship; Akio Kamiyama for giving me information about C.McRae; Carol Kaye for giving me information about "Better Days"; Jun Kikuchi for giving me rare CD; Tetsuro "Cleanhead" Kubo for giving me rare record which Joe took part in; Ian Macgregor for giving me great information and help; Janna MacCornnell for checking my English; Eric Miller for giving me information about early Pablo Record; Tadashi Narita, Greg Clayton, Joe Demello & Jerry Vicars for giving me information.

I want to say thanks for keep in touch with me; Norman Jacobson, Barry Zweig, Eiji Tanaka, Ulf Wakenius, Ken Brown, Brad Powell, Branco Stoysin, Tommy Gumina, Klaus Flenter, Nicholas Passele & Ellen Lüders-Pass.
And if you see Frank Potenza, Jimmy Stewart, Brian Nova & Joe Vinikow, please say hello to them from me.

I would like to appreciate above mentioned people again.
Without their help and friendship, I wouldn't be able to make the discography and this web site.
And also special thanks to my wife, Yoko, & children, Daisuke & Reina, too.

"Joe", 1993 by me